December 5, 2011

Penguin Fever!

Christmas is near! Delectable elves are full of cheer!
It's hard not to be when we're surrounded by fluffy little penguin friends all day at work.

I'm not sure if I got a little too excited with the whole penguins for Christmas thing! haha but no doubt, our customers are thrilled by the idea.
RM200 each 

Wrapping up hampers, baskets and gifts to sell at my Delectable stores is always fun. I like to make a variety of limited editions so that people get to pick and choose their gifts. Each time they sell out; i get to be creative and make new ones! hehe that's Christmas for me :D

RM8 each

There's also a brand new flavour for our set of cupcakes, we haven't got a name for this lil fella yet, but he is filled with strawberry cream and vanilla cake! We might keep him past Christmas this year and have a strawberry flavour throughout the year.
RM28 for a set of 3

I LOVE PEnguins!! haha you can tell.. my obsession has spread all over my Delectable shops *teehee*
This little guy is climbing into a tin of cookies and tying himself up for Christmas! Take me HOME! he says!

RM95 each

Now that the shop looks pretty and festive; the elves and I will be working hard on getting those xmas goodies and orders out fresh and on time! 

RM4 each

To have a close up look at out Christmas specials this year, you can find Delectable yummies at:

  • S213 - Lvl 2 The Gardens Mall, Delectable by su next to Robinsons +60125081855
  • Ground floor The Gardens Mall, Opposite Cold storage supermarket
  • Lvl 6 Pavilion Mall, Delectable Treats - next to Times bookstore +60321445157

Or if you would like to email me for preorders or with your queries, email

OH!! Have you seen?! We've finally begun selling these Delectable Collectibles! Tiny real cupcake size trinket boxes with our personal cupcake characters on them! So far we've got Lulu, Gus, Teddy and Jo! They are filled with chocolate snacks in dark, strawberry and white lime couverture.
RM33 each


Dilzy said...

SOOOO talented, One day I will come to Malaysia just so I can visit YOUR shop!!! Have a great Christmas and New Year :))

Rose Moving said...

Ooh, they are really so sweet, and all the things you have arranged are so creative and nice, bravo, I will definitely steal an idea or two... :), thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you come to the Gold Coast in QLD...I want to buy all of your cute goodies! Love your work - merry Christmas from Sophie

Nathaly Homes said...

Penguins are really sweet creatures and as I have noticed they are commonly used as decoration detail, prints on clothes or in accessories. I like them a lot.

Unknown said...

I LOVE THOSE PENGUINS. Put one aside for me? I will get Nic to pick him up. He can join my other penguin, Guino in Sydney :D

lidia said...

you are a genius!
amazing and beautiful work.

Monkey Pandas and Other Things said...

Penguins! I love penguins! These are SO sweet! You are so creative...and penguins make me happy!

Luis Rental said...

Great ideas how to surprise my beloved people at Christmas! Thanks for sharing these unique pieces of art.

Anonymous said...

Really pretty! Will come to your store when I have the chance.

nyc social said...

Looks pretty good and really catches my interest.