December 14, 2011

A Carnival Life

Being in the business of 'celebrations' or 'retail' is almost a carnival life; minus the actual moving from town to town and being on the road. 

Very much like those who entertain crowds and sell the product of 'joy or fun', my weeks often begin on Tuesday and ends on Sunday. Parties are my thing, events or weddings or gifting all happens on the weekends and my days leading up to every sleepless weekend begins after my crashday Monday. Well.. to be fair, i crash around Sunday night right after the last cake of the weekend leaves my hands. 
I have a quick *phew* moment, shut my eyes, slump into bed and YAY! I guess for most everyone out there; it's called "5pm Friday". heh


Marsipan Freak said...

WOW that looks like ALOT of work! Amazing!! ANd the elephants are sooo cute :) Nice work!!

Gwenn said...

Those elephants are super cute! I would feel bad eating them haha

chocolatesuze said...

what a gorgeous display! im in awe of your talents man!

Unknown said...

Whoa, cute designs huh - doesn't look like it's going to be eaten then. You got great skills huh. Nice.

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luvvy said...

so cute.especially the elephants!love it so much!