July 31, 2012

Hopping about!

That's what Su's been up to!

With my hair up in a tail, arms stacked with perishables.. I wheel to each and every shop; my blue trolley stacked with even MORE trays of goodies and cakes.
Each morning I make a quick hop from one outlet to the other to fill it up with fresh and yummy treats right before the lunch crowd hits the malls at 12!

Come easter; i'll do this is a bunny suit! Or maybe at christmas wear a beard! heeeh..might scare the children; bad idea. :(

June 25, 2012


Nothing good ever comes easy. Without a dash for the finish line or at least tiny struggle or two.
Having something fall right into our laps will never be as fulfilling as something you achieved by going out there and getting it with your own two hands.
People will say things that hurt and those who you thought cared about you will walk away; but everything you hang on to; an object, a person or an idea.. will have more worth. Because you cared to FIGHT.

6,928,198,253 + People out there we estimate to have in the world. It doesn't make me greedy to want to achieve more than the average person, be special or be competitive, it gives me purpose to be on this planet. 70-80 odd years we will all have. I wish at least one dream fulfilled for everyone I care about, and happiness and contentment to the rest who aren't inspired by the pressure to be more.

June 12, 2012

"Where's your friend?" he asks...

"Well she's right here"... as I point at the empty seat right in front of me. I frown a little as he laughs a little from the silliness of my remark.
It's Denise's chair. Several times a night, we sit by this window; al fresco-Esq with just a touch of air conditioning; but tonight no one's around to share my plate of indulgent late supper or our favourite bottle of Frescobaldi remole.  It's not the same as I run through Delectable events of the day with myself and strike away at my to-do list without having Dee smile to herself as she reads books and browses her pinning crap all over her Pinterest! Some days we find ourselves nonchalantly wasting away our evening to tiramisu, a bottle of wine and laughing about boys like teenage girls.
I truly believe in everyone's heart; there are little compartments we place special people we connect with inside. They are irreplaceable and no matter how far away they may go or be in the world nothing replaces the fact that there will always be a part of you they will have. Each time I feel I've given away all those little compartments to special friends, I meet someone new! and voila!~ I make a new 'compartment' for them! *teehee... I either have a very big heart; or I've started to make compartments in my stomach too! LOL
Dee has taken about more than a week off from work to be free from the cake world and to frolic about in ocean waters... where I know and accept is where she belongs. Her toes in the sand, wavy locks in the clean mountain breeze and endless mugs of long island ice tea! hehe
sigh... 10 days feels like months. *pout*

There's not much about me that she doesn't understand or know... if she hasn't figured it out; I've probably already told her.. we share love for the same people, the sun, the beach, wine, peanut butter, broccoli and potatoes. I bet she knows I miss her right now. LOL she will probably say "It's not like i'm never coming back~" We even share the same thoughts.

Dee asked me the other day... why don't I write anymore... on my blog; why don't I write how I feel or my personal words on the things I create. I couldn't explain myself verbally and I guess from my stuttering and clumsy rambling she understood why. I've become afraid of having my negativity and self consciousness be made permanently published online. Personally I've been going through a rough phase of my life, high's and low's are natural I understand... but I didn't want it to affect my work or seem unprofessional at my job. Tooting my own horn in writing isn't exactly my idea of convincing myself I've made an excellent cake. I have to feel it to speak or write about it. My dexterous and graceful fingers that sing from my heart have recently learnt to sing without a heart that makes music... and only a friend can show you something like that. That is okay sometimes to not beat yourself up over not feeling each and every emotion that comes from work. She's my reassurance and the one who has my back when I need to be inspired; she's brutally honest about the quality of my work and with that I know she cares.

Point is.. I miss her. I wish she'd come home soon. 

June 5, 2012

The best part is.. it's an ADVENTURE!

With new adventures come new challenges, lessons and friendships. There's nothing I enjoy more than having something exciting and different to tinker with. That's how Delectable came about in the first place; and now.. my baby is 3 years old.. and it's time for our third outlet.

Everyone say hello to Delectable Treats Paradigm mall, Petaling Jaya!
She's about a week old today and I've been on my toes fixing up many little details we've planned for this space.
Unlike the other 2 outlets in The Gardens Midvalley and Pavilion Mall in the city, we will have a larger space here that includes proper seating area and a nice ambiance for afternoon tea and pastry.

I can't wait for our official launch party next week (click here to see how you can win invites); it will be so good to have friends and family gather to celebrate just like we had at our last party. Yummies will be aplenty! Food & wine, new products on shelf and goodies to sample!

There have been some new additions to my pretty Delectable elf family of girls and charming boys. Come say hello to the new faces!! Everyone behind the scenes and at the counters have been working so hard to set things up at the Paradigm Treats outlet.... I wonder how we will cope when our next store opens in July next month! *super excited*!!!
Yup, yet another Delectable store will be unveiled very very soon!

May 2, 2012

April 3, 2012

Jumped on the bandwagon!

No regrets!
I was hesitant for awhile about making macarons at Delectable. I didn't think the whole macaron craze would actually catch on in Malaysia, but sure enough..

The main big draw so far would probably be our customized cakes and cupcakes, on shelf daily cupcakes and homemade cookies. Since the introduction of our giant macarons, we've expanded our 3 flavours to 6 now and consistent orders have been coming in for tall and mighty macarons towers at birthdays and anniversaries.

It isn't too thrilling to make to be honest, can't do much with the shape.. maybe just the colours and the fillings and the cake I use as an anchor base.

We make the lil guys too! hehe

I can't wait to do a BIG BIG BIG CRAzy tall wedding size one! in white, silver petals, shimmer and all that pretty stuff! Mmm would be fun project to work on. Any to-be brides out there who need something of the sort? hehee