November 23, 2011

Finally got my toes in sand.

I've been whining about being at the beach and missing my sunshine for close to a year now. I felt so deprived LOL. I finally got what I was wishing for, the family made a trip to Bali ... plenty plenty sun and a week after we headed for a family reunion up at Pangkor Laut, north of Kuala Lumpur... lots of sand there too! yay!

I didn't exactly have much time to be in the water or lie about in the sand, it was a little different to how my days to the neighbourhood beach felt. With my cousins and their babies running about and our parents as well; I got to have more group fun... kite flying, beach ball games, sand castle building!

YEAhh I love sand castle building more than anything. Hence my back and shoulders being the only part of my entire body with a massive tan. *oww*

I had heaps and heaps of fun in between this busy wedding season and Christmas preparations. 2 days of full PLAYY and back to work straight after; tiring.. but worthwhile. A well deserved holiday I would say so myself.

I really enjoy these trips we make with the extended family. I know more than a handful of people who dread them; but my family is awesome. Much to love!

We didn't get to see much beyond the beach; but getting my feet in the ocean hit me at my sweetest spots. *all smiles*


Baby Sumo said...

Wow that's an impressive (massive) sandcastle.

Unknown said...

Wow!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Beautiful pictures, I SO want to go!!!

And as always: beautiful cake!

Unknown said...

That's where we went for our honeymoon after our wedding where your cake was the proud centrepiece!

Bobo said...

enjoy your trip! You know what, I finally visit your Delectable at the Gardens, It is so pretty.. i love the penguins!
I am from Sabah and a reader of your blog.

Rose Storage said...

It is lovely to have such getaway weekend with your family and especially on Bali! It must have been quite the pleasure!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

yeahhhhh! im a sandcastle masstaarhhh :D hehe
jingersnap: THats AWESOME! hehe *proud grin* i hope everyone thought it was yummmy too!

it was definitely a fun month,
see sawing between play-work-play-work
got me all tired. Haha