December 25, 2011


It's finally the 25th! After a month of anticipation and slogging away at cookies and cakes, we take a short breather day to celebrate with the rest of the holiday go-ers about town. 

I feel so slack for receiving gifts without having time to exchange any... getting invitations to parties and not attending any.. making promises to catch up and never getting a moment to make that call! I guess I will have to make it up to everyone with HAPPY NEW YEAR gifts and celebrations instead. LOL It is the time each year that keeps me on my toes! Business is swell and booming! So I can't complain ;)
Time to bid goodbye to our penguin friends at Delectable... I will see them again next year! Hopefully in more exciting and fun ways. 

Thanks to all that had come by to Delectable and showered us with love, praises and gifts. The elves and I have been in such a good mood despite the busy-ness. 


Anonymous said...

I want the penguin in the cookie jar. Can I still buy it in February when I go to kl in February?


chocolatesuze said...

Merry Christmas Su!