December 30, 2011

In just 12 months, we're now done with 2011.

Su wants to bid Goodbye to 2011, I barely felt it pass me by.

Day to day.. weeks.. months.. and all of a sudden, it's Christmas again! Time passes wayyy too quickly. I wish I could replay the entire year to have a clearer picture of everything that has happened and all the things that I have done. I hate to admit that I probably would have done lots differently. *shame* haha lets change that next time new year's eve comes about! ;) Never gonna learn enough about living i suppose

I'm actually more excited about 2012 than i am sad about 2011! heh.. What about you?


lidia said...

you never stop surprising me!

My Lovely Bites said...

These are so unbelivably cute, you are such a great decorator!

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