October 29, 2008

Driving with Cake.

Cake deliveries to far away places are never much fun.
Though it is nice to sometimes have company throughout the hours of driving...which can seem like an eternity when I'm by myself. Singing out loud with my collection of favourite tunes can be heaps fun when I'm alone... but it's moments when you've heard the same song multiple times that you wished you had someone to talk to instead.
This weekend.. my drive alone was beyond perfect. It was the most breathtaking Malaysian 'drive' day I have ever experienced. *giggle*
Little traffic. Blue crisp skies, puffy white clouds, roads free of traffic police ;)... it was the perfect day for a speedy steady drive with my cake safely tucked away in the back of my car. Mom had derived a nifty little tray device which solves the logistics of moving cakes about.

It's always beautiful after it rains..the sky is so very clear and the clouds are bright and few. It's been the rainy season for Malaysia the past couple of weeks. I like to call it the 'rainbow' season instead! *grin*

The cake was meant for a Chinese couple who celebrated their 60th birthday together. I thought it'd be nice to have a 'god of longevity' and his wife on a landscape nestled below a cave filled with gold to represent fortune and prosperity.

The little chinese characters read 'mountain of gold' and their family name.
I can't believe it's been almost a week since i've had a chance to update my little journal with cake. I have always loved speaking about my experiences with making each crafted cake display. Funny how I now have barely time to write about them anymore. My life is now completely surrounded and conquered by all things cake.
Sis made a comment about how she thinks I am a walking ant bait. There's apparently a trail of ants every place I travel on foot. I have to admit; there is truth to what she claims.
I take showers, i scrub my hands and feet... I still smell of vanilla.. sugar and buttercream.
I sat down on the floor at a court for badminton with friends last night. Within minutes...there were ants all over. How did I find notice them? They bit me of course! *pout*


Family First said...

So that means ... you are one darn sweet girl ... people love you everywhere you go ..!!!!

Chef C said...

your craftmanship is impeccable...and your thoughfulness is laudable. great work, su yin! i am sure the old folks would love it!

Jennyvi said...

hehe! the ant thingy cracks me up! LOL. take care, su! :D

Poorni Pillai said...

Reminds me of the somewhat corny line- You're so sweet; you give me diabetics. :) Beautiful cake- so touching for an old couple.

occasionally~hormonal~bitch said...

Hi su yin,

I was wondering how does one order a cake from you, and how much do you charge? And where are you based? (I'm assuming Ipoh, if I remember your old blog entries right).

Anonymous said...

Haha awwww yeah everyone and everything loves your sweetness hee hee ;) Awesome photos and cake btw ^^!

Lilia said...

Is the name read "Song" in chinese? See i recognise that character. Correct me as I couldn't write chinese, just remember it from a family name.

V.Streit said...

first of all, I just want to say congrats on getting set on your business. :) It's nice to see someone else making their way into the business.

I had a few questions about your figures. Do you use fondant to mold them? and what do you use to paint your cupcakes and figures? I want to practice more on those type of cakes and I figured I would ask someone who has a very firm grasp on it.

Anonymous said...

good coking

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hi guys! haha Thanks for saying hey; haha you guys are too sweet.
My sis is funny huh? haha she makes me laugh; she says the darnest things

occasionally hormonal bitch: Ooo heya; i'm actually based in KL. But do write me an email at suyin.cookingismypassion@gmail.com

lilia: yeap :) I was so worried i'd get it wrong!! haha My chinese language is so bad.

veronica: Yeap i use fondant. I use gel paste colours for painting with a brush. Lots of luck dear :)

anonymous: hehe too funny!

fatboybakes said...

what gorgeous creations, and congratulations on setting up your business. what a great name!