October 31, 2008

Fulfilling the dream.

You've heard lots about my plans for business from my constant bursts of excitement+ frustration throughout the months following my graduation from pastry school.
It's been 3 months. Where is she now? Is Su making cakes yet?
Indeed she is... but it isn't till recently that everything she had intended to do came together so perfectly.
As days passed and Su slogged... perseverance payed off. I received more help than I could ever expect from my family and those who got to know me from this journal of mine. I had all the support i needed from fellow bloggers and blog readers who I cherish as my dear friends.
I'm currently based in Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia guys.... Just as I promised months ago. *grin*
still calls Ipoh home; and KL her workplace. A big big thanks to the many who have been showing their support by placing cake orders. Truly appreciate everyone's enthusiasm on what I'll be bringing to the industry very soon. It's really helped keep me afloat during these difficult initial months. It really means alot to know that there are Malaysians out there who do appreciate my work.
It's all incredibly surreal. Who would have thought... from cooking and experimenting as a student to finally putting a name to all her creations and ideas.

adj. Greatly pleasing to the taste; delightful; delicious.

Now now... don't go running to 'delectable.com.my' just yet. *laughs*
it's not quite ready at this point. My website angel isn't done making it perfect. I can't wait to show everyone the amazing concepts she has created for the brand. Will definitely update everyone when the site is up and running. I'm currently working on my photographs for the portfolio and website. It's going to be very different from what you see from Su up to this point. Different but still 'Su' of course *wink* hehe.
This is meant to be just a sneak preview of the what's been keeping me busy. There's so much more to do!
Alright now..
Business set up...
...Power UP!



Anonymous said...

Yay! Go SU! Good luck and can't wait to indulge into "delectable" soon ;)

Foodinese Queen said...

Hi Su,
I've been lurking for a while now, and am so inspired by your dedication and passion. If you are ever in Austin, TX look me up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! For being able to realise your dream and doing the thing that you love. Would like to get a glimpse of your 'stall' physically. Or is it online based?

Unknown said...

You'll probably be receiving a truckload of well-wishes, but I still feel compelled to say that I am so happy that you're out there living your dream.

So, when you feel at your wits' end, it's good to look back at laugh at the long way you've come.

much love,

Chef C said...

hi Su,

Love the brand name "Delectable"...straight to the point..much as the "Delicious" chain of restaurants.

and the color choices, and the cake bites at the corner of the logo! the subtlety works!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Can't wait until it's fully up and running..

pingmouse said...

That's soooo GREAT Su. Am all excited for you :) Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su, Congratulations! Best wishes to you. I've been lurking in your blog for more than a year now and seeing you "grown" into this industry...really made me so proud and happy for you. Your cakes creation are truly unique, creative and amazing! If only, I am in KL now, would be nice to order a "delectable" from you for my wedding anniversary ;-)

boo_licious said...

Wow, am glad you are setting shop in KL, as that means we can order those great stuff. Hope that website gets sorted out, as I am dying to find out what you are selling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Su
I have been reading your blog for sometime now. How I wish I could "import" your "delectable" and creative cakes to where i am staying which is Kuching, Sarawak :)
Congrats and can't wait till its fully running.....

Unknown said...

CONGRATS, and good luck!

I must "pong chan" once I'm back in Malaysia. Hugz


Sweety said...

Hi Su,

I like the logo. Very Classy!

I wonder how do I place an order of a birthday cake? Do you deliver? and what is the price range?



Anonymous said...

i am so envious of the dream you have made real. u never fail to remind me what an inspiration life can be.thanks su.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Su-

When I visit Malaysia in the distant future, I definetely will have to come by and try one of your delactables :)

Chivon said...

Congratulations Su! Your passion and perseverance is very inspirational to many who want to make their dreams a reality! All the best :)

Anonymous said...

Awesommmee go Su go ^^! I was also wondering if you deliver.. to Sydney :P hee hee Open up a branch here soon :D

Evans said...

congrats Su Yin for being able to realize this finally! "Delectable" sounds like a cute name! :)

all the best and don't tire urself too much cos its all gonna be new and all that.. just remember to get some rest when u really need it..

will be supporting u always!


adli said...

WOW!!! congrats Su!! can't wait to order some delectables. Yeay for being in KL!!

p/s: I just noticed youre featured in the latest dessert mag online issue! way to go :)

Anonymous said...

i like the name..it sound soo yummyyyyyyyyy.....makes me feel like i need to have it now..bad baddd....cake is oh so good but oh so bad....miss u heaps but am so proud of u su yin..still can picture u moulding ur little sculptures on the kitchen bench..ahhh those were the days

Anonymous said...

Hey Su,
I am so so so so happy for you, just love the logo, the colors, the font and specially the (by Su) part of logo. I can well imagine your feelings,bash on regardless Su the journey has just begun. Lots of Love and warm wishes. I wish I was in Malaysia.


Dee baker said...

I like the name...so cool
Congrats, we will support yous all the way :)
you are such an inspirational!!

dona said...

go girl!
you made me wish i'm living in Malaysia so i can get to try your beautiful creations!

Unknown said...

omg! you're making my cake when i have my reception in malaysia!!! i am so excited!!!!!

p/s: cannot wait to browse your website (:

ashieBee said...

goodluck with your cake business ;)) cant wait to try out anything made by you. im coming home for winter break in december. will definitely find time to see your new working place!!!

he he he


Family First said...

Great to know you followed your heart .. to pursue what you dream of wanting .. congrats! Will surely drop by with an order!

Jade said...

Can't wait... can't wait... :)

MeatballOnline said...

Congrats!!! not everyone got to do wat they love as a job! of cos it needs hard work and most of all courage!! u go gal!

Anonymous said...

Hey Su...All the best. May good things come your way :)

沈伊 said...

second time in your blog. wow !!
what I'm just gonna said is that you will success !! Congratulations !! :) Just to take the 1st step, it is not easy. Good Luck for the venture !!!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hey guys!!! haha im so sorry bout the delayed responses :( Im slack I know... but things just keep piling up! Everytime i put aside some time for my blog; something else decides to eat into it. Im sure you all understand :) Im here!!! I'm here always filled with gratitude for all the support im getting. I'm humbled by the amazing words of wisdom i receive in my mailbox daily; and all the sweetest words of encouragement and advice that I read from comments on my posts.
<3 !! Su is certainly blessed.