October 24, 2008

Choose your Mousse *Cheesy grin*

Fun Mousse
Swank Mousse
Cool Mousse
Comfort Mousse

To make (dark chocolate) Mousse:

40gms egg yolks
30gms castor sugar
30gms water
170gms dark chocolate melted
300gms heavy cream

Beat egg yolks till pale and frothy. Bring sugar and water to a boil in a small saucepan till 118degrees Celsius.(use a candy thermometer) Whip the hot syrup in a slow stream into the egg yolks, whipping continuously till it cools. Fold melted chocolate into the egg mixture. It will form a thick and gooey sauce. Whip the cream in an electric mixer till soft peaks form. Whip one third of the cream into the chocolate to loosen the mixture and fold the remaining cream in till well combined. Pour into desired cups/containers and refrigerate for several hours till set.

There's just something about a creamy, smooth and indulgent pot of chocolate which takes our breath away. You can't deny that smirk across your face as you devour a thick scoop of delightful luxury.
I personally love my mousse in tiny portion cups. I see them as guilt free hints of a delicious treat. A little mousse occasionally never hurt nobody. *grin*
But of course mousse does sometimes come in handy in large portions. For when a dear friend winds up having the worst day... there's nothing like a tub of creamy chocolate and 2 spoons to help make her day.


Dee baker said...

Oh another recipe, thanks so much Su yin..always look forward to try out your recipes even though I can't make as good as you. :D

Stephanie said...

Hehehe comfort mousse :)
Exactly how many eggs make 40g of egg yolks? I don't have a scale at home (I really should get one...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
Can i use Thickened Cream or just normal whipping cream (such as President Cream) to replace the heavy cream?? I can only find Thickened cream and normal whipping cream here...

Pls advise, thanks much...


Anonymous said...

mmm mousse! could you pretty please convert the measurements for an american? i'd love to try this recipe.
thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. Su Yin.. They are so cute!!!
You always successfully make simple things.. just amazing :)

Anonymous said...

*runs into the kitchen to make this*

DaViS ChAi said...

chocolate mousse.....

fiona said...

Hi Su,
Thanks for sharing this recipe. Can I freeze the mousse or only refrigerate it? And for how long can it be kept?
Thanks & rgds,

Anonymous said...

I choose a fun, swanky and cool mousse with a comforting touch ^^! Yuummmmm!

Unknown said...

Oh how moussy!
Love your photos always.

ting said...

I love how you've themed the mousse presentations and included "comfort" as an option. You can get dressed up and go out or just stay at home and curl up with a cup. =D

Anonymous said...

Oh yum!

I'll have the comfort one thanks.. =P

Felice said...

Looks great! Just a question before I run off to make these. Don't the egg yolks cook and coagulate when you pour in the boiling water into the egg mix??


chililime said...

Mousse. Yum. I have to have this.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hi guys... as usual; im behind on my replies again.. haha i'm such a slack with my blog. Apologies.
The mousse was real easy to do

steph: it's about 2-3 egg yolks :)

Angel: sure! it should still work fine darling. Won't be as thick; but still delicious hehe

anonymous: AHHH the pain! haha use a scale dear... I havnt made food in 'american' in a long time.. haha will take me a long time to figure the quarts and ounces! haha Chef James would be pissed to know i forgot everything from calculations class haha

fiona: refrigerate it :) It should be good for 2-3 days.

felice: yeap! thats what it's supposed to do! hehe beat it continuously; dont let it clump.

thanks guys for leaving comments! :) Miss u all so much. I wish i had more time to blog. :(

Palidor said...

Chocolate mousse is one of life's great pleasures. :)

Your blog is so incredibly awesome. I've tagged you on mine.

Anonymous said...

just wondering...
when you say 'whip', is it all with the electric whisk? or with a balloon whisk by hand?
thanks su!

Lex said...

babe, not egg whites uh?

Unknown said...

Hi Su,
really amazed i found your site, your very talented...this recipe very interesting i will try this as soon as possible...can i post it in my blog...many thanks to you