May 4, 2008

So much enthusiasm; so little sleep.

Moving on to the next class agenda in our NotterSchool curriculum... Plated Desserts, sorbets and icecreams was an incredibly exciting switch from tiered cakes and fondant covering to creative flavour and texture combinations of various dessert platters.
Su hasn't been sleeping well.. hence the big gaps in between blog updates. I'm going to make it up to you guys with some awesome posts in the next couple of days. :) Promise.
For now; it's just going to be a drool-fest of delicious photographs. From simple chocolate tarts to exotic lemongrass consommés. They were lots of fun to compose.
When I finally catch on a couple of snooze nights I'll probably have more to say about my amazing experiences with Chef Mary in plated desserts.

**Oh! Happy Chico De MaYO~~` WooOOoo~! It's time to WHip out those COrONa's!!.. hmm..more drinking tonight..*sigh* not good.
It's kinda great that I'm keeping myself busy here in Orlando; but it kinda sucks how I have much less time to spend on my dear journal.


Anonymous said...

everything looks so. delicious. omg!! =D

Mary said...

Hi Su Yin,
I think sometimes blogging stops when life gets too busy! don't worry update only when you get time! it's lovely reading about your cooking.. keep it up! :)

(p.s. been reading for 1 1/2 years now) :)


Anonymous said...

Woah - georgious pictures again.

Especially the crêpe and the chocolate tarte look just d e l i c i o u s.

How do you get crêpe looking so good?

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you toO!

Breadpitt said...

those creme brule looks good. yummy!

Anonymous said...'s like in pastries dreamland, do not wake me up please =p
Lynn xoxo

Anonymous said...


First of all, i'm sorry.

I'm sorry because i've been reading your blog for a long time, and only now i'm leaving a comment.

I'm a big fan of your work. I think everything's really beautifull.

Anonymous said...

Your friend Edward Low and my sister (stranger to you) talks bout your blog and your talent ALL the time. Today I finally visited your blog and yeaps, they were right! Your cakes and cupcakes deco is super duper cool and Meticulous! Cant taste it from here but sure looks superb!

I admire your dedication to your blog and passion. Am surprised the conglomerates of this world has not wipped you up and invested an empire on you. :o)

Keep up the good work. I like your photography style too (its good and has got real potential but needs more art direction - I'm in advertising, forgive me) but overall, gal! you'll be someone real famous one day, and i think soon too.

Celebrate and have fun!

Edward's friend, Cheryl.

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

Zomg.. Awesome foods!

Beks said...

You know, for me a week is not complete without me checking up on your blog to find out what you're upto. I've been transfixed by your food adventures for some time now.

However, that being said, I'd much rather you were having fun, becuase hunnie; you deserve it - in shovels!!!
Keep us updated when you can, 'cos seriously, what you're upto is so awesome.


Lilia said...

Hi Su,
check this one out:

They are beautiful, aren't they?

I do hope one day you will be able to make great pattisserie shops in several countries.

What is in a glass of sliced strawberries and lemon grass sticking out on one of your photo?

I want to ask you about edible gold leaf on cake accessories, are these really 24 carat gold?

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hi guys~ My apologies for the slow responses.. My time management skills have been lacking lately. Thanks SO much everyone for leaving comments on my posts.. truly TRUly love hearing from everyone! It's incredible how it makes blogging much more worthwhile. hehe.

Mary: you're so SWEET! *hugs*

tina: hmm.. after making about 30's hard not to get it right! haha

irina: aww.. hi dear; thanks for finally leaving a comment; i know i'm a little slow with replies..but I always get back to them..and every little note I receive really makes a difference. Thanks irina.

cheryl: wow hi! haha edward is helping me market myself huh? haha thanks so much for the comments and conducive criticism..really appreciate it. Take care! :) Keep in touch yea?

beks: heyhey! I'm glad you've finally said hi~ hehe.. I love sharing photos and experiences from the Notter school with everyone! it's real cool to be doing what I'm doing..and i can't help but to share it with everyONE! :p

Lilia: hiya~ thanks for that..looks good! The strawberries were soaking in a lemongrass soup made with a light syrup infused with fresh lemongrass. It was awesome! The gold leaf is actually made of gold; but they are very thin sheets of it.. not harzadous to eat for sure :)