May 1, 2008

Creating unforgetable memories in unexpected places.

I haven't had bowls of cold 'dinner' cereal in my lonely kitchen table for awhile now. Yea most of us living independently would know exactly what I'm talking about;...the type of cereal you shovel down with a spoon; standing up; or staring mesmerized by television commercials or our winamp playlists mindlessly as it shuffles. *laughs* It really gets pretty sad when we take a step back to observe and laugh at ourselves.
Su always seems to 'luck-out' when it comes to making friends and meeting new people. *shrug* Who wouldn't love a girl who brings them pastries in exchange for their friendship! Hehe.. it's easy for us who make sweets huh?
Izziban Sushi a block down from the NotterSchool has been my frequent afterschool and weekend hangout. They have a amazing variety of delicious Japanese and Korean dishes on their menu. I'm often satisfied with a skillfully done sushi roll and a warm bowl of miso on the side; but there are times where my tummy yearns for a comforting bento box filled with all the trimmings.
With the number of real dingy restaurants and diners here in Orlando; It's always so incredibly nice to know a place you trust to be inviting and pleasurable. I've had many attempts at restaurant scouting... but have always been brought back here. The atmosphere; wine list and quality of fresh ingredients are just amazing. Other greasy; noisy and cramped Korean restaurants just don't cut it for me. Everything is here at Izziban; great food, excellent sakes, wines and beers, attentive waitstaff, a cozy and classy atmosphere, affordable prices.... no other place in the city compares to the quality of service they provide here.
Izziban is almost my second home in Orlando. I remember days where I've had all my 3 meals here! *laughs* I'm glad that they've welcomed me into their little family-like environment. I'm known as their VIP, who sometimes helps with folding towels and enjoys getting her own drinks. *laughs* It get's a little lonely occasionally when you're in different parts of the world; but warm folks I meet helps make it all better. The guys at the sushi bar here are funny and entertaining; the floor staff and the managers are all real cool too. I amuse them with my occasional 2 cents worth of broken 'Korean' *laughs*. I love it here!Sushi lover or not; I definitely recommend you pay a visit to this place. I've brought non seafood eaters, both meat-atarians and vegetarians here and there were never complains! They have something for everyone! Sushi reminds everyone of raw fishes and rice; it really isn't the case. Izziban makes excellent creative options on their menu to suit your palate and of course a couple of interesting items to excite adventurous tastebuds. It's always a good idea to try something new everytime you make a visit. I've brought Katie and Mindy there numerous times. It's always so much fun when I get them to have unfamiliar items. Mindy enjoys her 'baby-steps' *laughs* She's even done raw fishes recently! I'm good with persuasion *giggle*
So; you planning on making a trip to Izziban yet??
Hmm...I could make a crazy long list of yummy items.. but here are my absolute must-haves!

At the sushi bar... go for;

  • Spider roll; ( soft shell crab)
  • Yellow tail + Salmon sashimi;
  • Spicy tuna roll;
  • Butterfly roll;
  • Yummi yummi roll; ( I love this without cream cheese; but *shrug* that's just me)
  • Asparagus roll;
  • Vegetable roll;
  • Tiger roll;
  • M80;
  • Kamikaze roll
The house salad and soups are excellent too! Don't be shy to ask for suggestions from the friendly waitstaff and don't forget to have a glass of your favourite red or white with your meal. Sitting at the sushi bar can be lots of fun for us who love watching Chefs at work. They usually love a good chat too~ I get them to make special personalized rolls for my friends and I; it's always a nice warm touch to what we're having.
Who's game for dinner there tonight?~
1700 West Sand Lake Rd STE D124.
Orlando Fl, 32809

Tel: 407-850-5086

Fax: 407-850-5022

Monday-Thursday Lunch: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Dinner: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Friday-Saturday 11:00AM - 10:30 PM
Sunday 12:00PM - 10:00 PM

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Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin,

Thanks for the link to my review. After reading your post I think I need to put a little more work into my write-ups :) I'm not much of a cook, but I love to eat and Izziban is a great place to indulge. Keep up the great work!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hey brian; thanks for that :) might bump into u at izziban one of these days :P

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with this place, but after reading your post I'm definitely interested in checking-it-out. I love Japanese food; I enjoy Ichiban in downtown Orlando.