May 11, 2008

Saving this one for Mommy dearest...

It's another one of those sad celebration days for me abroad and away from home. I don't think I've spent mother's day with Mom since I was 19... and unfortunately that feels like it's been quite awhile. Haha.. I have Gerascophobia - Fear of growing old!
Sorry about the full 'emo' posts recently guys..
Spending time amongst happy families at Universal Studios this weekend didn't help much either! *sigh* I guess I'm just glad to know that it can be mother's day EVERYday for us when I get back in June. Why pick a specific day to honour my Mom?? She's as special to me any other day of the year!
I recall the very first time I finally felt alone and lonely since I've left home. It was Mother's day 2004. Boy was it a hard one for me! I had just left for Australia; it was my first 3 months alone.... and was feeling fairly confident I was going to be emotionally independent. I was right~ I was doing just fine;.... and then came mother's day. *laughs* It wasn't pretty for the first couple moments of self realization. I guess it's just funny how these silly little days gives families excuses to celebrate together. Memory making days I call them. I still feel it's silly to have such days.. but of course; real important and necessary.
We've made these chocolate boxes in school with Chef Ewald about a month ago; but I wanted to save them for something special!
The roses, the box frame, ribbons and decorations were all made from dark chocolate. Pretty neat huh? Imagine it filled to the brim with decadent truffles! MMmm.. that would have been good!Mom; I love you. I know I'm real busy with keeping up with life here in America and haven't been able to catch up with you much lately, but I just want you to know I'm always thinking of you and I miss you tons. I hope this Mother's day is going to be just as fun without your baby boo at home. XOXO
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!~ Don't you think we need more day's to commemorate Mom's for their undivided attention, devotion and love? It's about time someone suggested an upgrade to a Mother's WEEK considering what the kids are putting their mom's through these days! *giggle*


Little Monster said...

I know what you mean. I haven't celebrated Mother's Day since I was 19 too. What I do is to call her and post presents to her. Many online or ebay stores offer free shipping.

Megan said...

Those are beautiful. To pretty to eat but I guess I would break it apart and eat it eventually if I had one. :)

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful :) i wish can order from you.. hahhaa maybe pos laju to malaysia?

btw, i'm blog hopping and found your blog.. love reading your journal so keep on blogging.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

alma: haha thats always a great mom's not into stuff I can buy her though... unfortunately for me; everything she wants ..she already has..haha

megan: I brought it to the sushi restaurant and they tore it apart in less than an hour haha

nyza: hiya~ I'll be back in malaysia in bout 2 months :)