July 12, 2007

Su Yin: A piano? Oh no!

Remember my piano cake attempt a couple of months ago? *sigh* I remember it VERY well. It was a painful weekend for me....I did however complete the cake the way I intended; it just didn't turn out looking the way I pictured it would.
In between my engagement cake due on Friday; I received a phonecall from Aivy. She wanted to order a cake! Sure thing, when for? Her mom's birthday is on the 16th; but I'll be away in Singapore then...I was flying off on Monday, so we decided to squeeze the cake in for Sunday the 8th. She went home to discuss with her siblings and Mom on the theme of the cake. All went well till she called to confirm a piano. *faints* My last piano took me at least 4 days to sculpt and dry...and I only had 2 days to work on this one!...I wasn't ready...wasn't ready for another piano!I was lucky Aivy and her Mom were pretty flexible with the cake design, and I could come up with a piano 'themed' cake without a PIANO! *laughs*
This is what I came up with.
Keeping in mind it was her Mom's birthday; I decided to make it a little prettier with with pink roses and dainty white flowers. Aivy mentioned the idea of adding in hints of pastel yellow as well;... the cream cheese frosting I used on cake was perfect for the tint of yellow.
I really hope her mom was happy with the cake and they had a good celebration.

I'm currently working on my Dad's birthday cake at my Sis's apartment in Singapore. It's so hard working out of my own kitchen *sigh* Wish me luck guys...I'm going to need it, sigh* cake decorating along the earths equator is no joke! The heat and humidity is unforgiving!


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks awesome! It's got that touch of piano but it's not overpowering. I'm a pianist and I'd love that cake - it's subtle and the flowers are beautiful. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su!

greetings from sg.. all ur bakes look so heavenly..
wold u mind sharing the truffle recipe? i have been trying to make some for my upcoming anni.. hope i can try my hand at it.. haha i am a student thus baking helps me ease some workload off..
my -mail is nithya21@hotmail.com

much love, nit

Chris The Baker said...

U're in SG!? Can I drop by to watch you work on your dad's cake? Please? Pretty pretty please? With brandied cherries on top! I promise I won't take a bite off it! If it's possible, please email me! Christinacheah@gmail.com. ~Chris

Anonymous said...

hi su yin,

I read your blog daily and it never amazed me how you bake and sculpt. I am from Singapore and been telling my students(teenagers) how someone can have a real cool blog, clean and healthy and pple like it. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

hi! i absolutely LOVE browsing through your blog. spent ages looking through all this food even though i really should be studying. im from unsw too :) do u mind if i link you?

Sarah said...

Oh no, the pictures aren't working! I'll have to try back later. I love your site, your photos are a constant inspiration to me!

samshiki said...

Hi Su!

Not sure if i am the only one, but your pic attachments din appear. Only showed up as a 'x'.
Anyway, just wanna say, really loved ur creations. They are so creative and full of surprises!

New Kid on the Blog said...

why no picture??

Unknown said...

great cake! if i ever get married, i'd definately want something like that.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

katie: aww thanks :) I'm glad you think its pretty too!

nit: heya; I actuallyhave the recipe on my blog...ill link you up :)

chris the baker: OMg brandied cherries! I missed! *laughs* I was only in singapore for2-3 days wish I had time to meet up with fellow bloggers

wanna: oh wow..im so touched! *blush* haha..thanks for sharing your kind thoughts!

jamie: heya! sure thing! I'll be honoured :)

sarah: thanks for bringing that up sarah...i didnt realize they had errors in them

samshiki: yeap...i was working on it! *laughs* ...must have been issues with blogger when i published the post...it worked right after though

new kid on the blog: fixed it dear ;)

the musical mushroom: you live around sydney? ;) *hint hint* :P