January 28, 2007

As my stroke of bad luck continues..

TY! or better known to everyone as "Nat" short for Natalie; turned 21 last weekend. A Happy HAppy Birthday TY; I'm happy we've managed to stay friends despite how I've been away for so long...wouldn't ever wanna lose touch with such a beautiful person. It's dear friends like you who make me look forward to coming home every year. This petite little darling is witty, bubbly and absolutely adorable!- she doesn't look too bad either *wink* Hehe~ We've known each other from high school; it's always fun catching up with her every time I come home from studying abroad in Sydney. I was delighted to make the short guest list to her Birthday celebration at Velvet Underground(Zouk) on Saturday~ I initially intended to arrive with a pretty miniature cake in hand; but alas... things never always work out as I 'intend'.
I worked with 2-3 pretty pink shades, black and a little dusting of luster to create a tall cylindrical cake (bad Idea!!), piped a beautiful delicate butterfly out of royal icing (bad BAD idea!!) and topped the flat surface on top with stacked white chocolate truffles to give the cake a little more shape. The party was in Kuala Lumpur, 2 hours drive away from home. I wasn't driving, but I knew I would have to be holding the cake upright throughout the drive there; I didn't design the cake for enough kinetic movement....guess what happened?*squint*

I fell asleep in the car....*pfft*...arm tilted sideways...Cake went 'bye-bye'! *SOB* ARGHHHH(*#%*_@&()# ....yea...thank god for the photographs I took before the trip. Wasted hours of my work. I was initially worried about the fondant layer sagging and melting as I frosted the cake in a hurry that morning. After it tipped over; there wasn't anything to worry about anymore *laughs*
Natalie's cake; immortalized by my camera lenses; devoured entirely by my dad when we finally got to KL, was given an A+ for taste *tear*
She'll just have to settle for that Grease DVD I bought for her as a present *sigh* At least I know it's her favourite show of all time :)


Anonymous said...

su-yin!!!!!!!! =( My cake looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooodddddd!!!! ahhhh what a beautyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! =( Thankew sososososososo much for making me this cake okay? Appreciate it =) *HUGS* and i L.O.V.E the DVD !!!!! *so touched* (dramatic) haha LOVe you darlinggggggg!

Anonymous said...

your friend looks exactly like a young girl that goes to our church here on the gold coast

Anonymous said...

You and your friend look like Barbie dolls. I am gonna collect you both.;)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

ty: hehe XOXO; we're going to watch that GRease DVD together yah?

anonymous: hmm..doubt thats my darling TY haha. Probably an evil twin :P lurking in Australia

sue: AWww haha..im flattered; someone thinks we look like dolls *does a happy dance* hehe..you're sweet. *blush*