January 29, 2007

1 out of 5 ain't too bad I guess *shrug*

the week. As Friday closed in; I was ready to raise the white flag; admit defeat...and return to the 'cliche' type cookies *laughs* Despite how they aren't unusual, inventive or 'funky'; I guess it's what everyone loves...plus, they aren't exactly known as Chinese New Year favourites for nothing! *shrug*-- I admit defeat when it gets a little too rough to handle sometimes *blush* :P *grin*...Mom and Dad often stash up on special groceries while were over visiting sis in Singapore. They have better quality ingredients, more luxurious and pricey items and the LARGEST freaking sultanas I've seen in my LIFE! *gasp*...I wonder what size grapes they use to prodI have been attempting unique cookie recipes from random cookbook publications throughoutuce these!WOW!!...Dad has these juicy jumbo's with his morning cereal, I stole a handful from the jar and threw them into my cookie batter! I was making jumbo cornflake cookies...and of course, I had to have jumbo sultanas to match *wink*
125gms softened good quality butter
1/3 cup castor sugar (Try not to reduce the proportion of sugar too much)
1 large egg
2/3 cup jumbo sultanas (usual sized ones if large ones are difficult to find)
1 cup self raising flour (sifted)
2-3 cups lightly crushed cornflakes (tip: use a plastic ziplock bag)

Cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer till fluffy and well combined. Use a wooden spoon, large bowl and lotsa arm muscle if you don't have a mixer *good luck* haha~. Add egg, beat well. Fold in flour and sultanas. Spoon a tablespoon of cookie batter into crushed cornflakes and turn to coat. Form fairly into a sphere shape and place on nonstick cookie tray. Repeat with the rest of the batter and place cookies 2-3 cm's apart to allow for spreading. Bake in preheated 150 degree oven for 15-18 minutes. Surface should be golden and crisp. Allow to cool on cookie rack before storing in airtight container. The cookies don't store too well...they get lose their crunch in 2-3 days. Shouldn't be too difficult to finish them though, this recipe only makes approximately 20 delicious bites~ *wipes drool* hehe...excuse me.. *giggle*


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The cookie is YUMMY!!! I made one batch last night and ate half of it, then gave the rest to my neighbour. I made another batch today to give it my friends. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

P/S: I made 45 cookies using this recipe. =P