April 16, 2006

Love thy neighbour on Easter Sunday!

We woke this morning to find a strange white bag tied up with pink streamers at our doorstep. Out of curiosity and a little fear, we opened it to discover that they were Easter presents from our lovely neighbour next door! *It must have been that bunny cake I gave him yesterday!*I thought to myself. Anyway, under the wrapping and stickers were 3 different coloured tea mugs; one for each of us. I decided to bake something nice for our thoughtful neighbours. (gossip: i heard he is a lecturer at our uni, and his wife is a German lady) :P.
Anyway, here is what I created with what we had to spare from our weekly groceries. I baked my mom's famous almond cherry cake with barely enough cherries (I didn't have enough) and I did have to run out to the gas station to get some Easter eggs to fill the nest. I spooned a layer of thick milk chocolate ganache and stuck on crumbled Flake bars I had left from my Panda bear cake to form a nest.
It's pretty adorable I must admit, and I think im getting better everyday with ideas on cake/cookie decorating etc. etc. *proud smile* I hope our neighbours like it!


Anonymous said...

that bunny on the end is so cute. do u use some sort of mold to shape it or is it just down to your brilliant skill?

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

my brilliant skill *blush* haha
my i still cant get a hold of my neighbour, i think he left for the weekend...the cake is still lying on my kitchen counter...wondering if anyone else wants it?...let me know :)
haha i need to people to eat it fast while its still fresh!