April 15, 2006

Panda bears on rhubarb upside-down cake!

For those who have never seen Rhubarb...click here. It has a fairly hard stem, bright red colour and it gives a tinge of sour.(Edit: I have recieved numerous "What is rhubarb?" questions, so for an accurate definition, click here). It isn't a plant we see very often in Southeast Asia. In fact i've honestly never in my life seen rhubarb/leek/boysenberries before i set foot in Sydney.
I found an interesting recipe while flipping throught a donna hay magazine. I decided to try it with my own personal favourite sponge cake recipe. While looking at the red long stems, it reminded me of bamboo (yes...i know..i get strange ideas looking at things) anyway, i decided it would be cute to have a few pandas on trees in the middle of the pool of red rhubarb on top.
Here's what i came up with. The trees trunks were 'Flake' Cadbury logs, the pandas were molded from bits of sugar paste and the leaves were mint leaves from my herb garden. I attached them to the logs with brown sugar paste and patched them back up with crumbled pieces of chocolate.
To make the rhubarb cake on your own, Dust chopped rhubarb with brown sugar and vanilla essence, lay them at the bottom of a greased cake tin and pour sponge cake batter on top before popping it in the oven.

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