April 11, 2006

Getting into the Easter hype

With Easter break around the corner, I decided to make a batch of carrot and walnut cupcakes decorated with cute white bunnies to celebrate. What's Easter without its bunnies!? :) The recipe is from my aunt who bakes delicious cakes for sale in Malaysia. Unfortunately; im unable to disclose the well kept secrets to her amazingly light and delectable carrot cakes. However, for friends I know personally; you are welcome to hop over for a bunny cupcake!

I had an early class at 9 this morning and I knew I wouldn't be home till after lunch, so I made a breakfast and lunch for my dear housemates before running off. Breakfast was a similar grilled ricotta "pudding" we ate a few days ago, but this time made sweet instead of savory. I added a few dustings of cinnamon and brown sugar before turning it back into the grill.
For lunch I toasted a few baguette slices with garlic seasoning and topped it with a squeeze of dijon mustard, pan-fried haloumi wrapped in prosciutto and dot of basil and mint pesto I made fresh from my own little herb garden.

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Anonymous said...

mom for a easier and faster cupcake you can use the cherry almond recipe