July 31, 2012

Hopping about!

That's what Su's been up to!

With my hair up in a tail, arms stacked with perishables.. I wheel to each and every shop; my blue trolley stacked with even MORE trays of goodies and cakes.
Each morning I make a quick hop from one outlet to the other to fill it up with fresh and yummy treats right before the lunch crowd hits the malls at 12!

Come easter; i'll do this is a bunny suit! Or maybe at christmas wear a beard! heeeh..might scare the children; bad idea. :(


liya said...

Hi Su,

Just had to tell you- i've followed your blog for several years- and only had the chance to visit your Gardens store just a few weeks ago. (I flew in from Australia, checked into the hotel and literally went searching for your shop with my bub in tow).

Totally heart your cookies- the double choc one I believe- and wished I bought more to bring back!!

Well done on all these years of hard work! You have a lovely store!!

Andy said...

Those cakes are awesome! Did you make them yourself?