June 25, 2012


Nothing good ever comes easy. Without a dash for the finish line or at least tiny struggle or two.
Having something fall right into our laps will never be as fulfilling as something you achieved by going out there and getting it with your own two hands.
People will say things that hurt and those who you thought cared about you will walk away; but everything you hang on to; an object, a person or an idea.. will have more worth. Because you cared to FIGHT.

6,928,198,253 + People out there we estimate to have in the world. It doesn't make me greedy to want to achieve more than the average person, be special or be competitive, it gives me purpose to be on this planet. 70-80 odd years we will all have. I wish at least one dream fulfilled for everyone I care about, and happiness and contentment to the rest who aren't inspired by the pressure to be more.


Unknown said...

bautifully said

Anonymous said...

Hi Su!

I've been following your blog for about two years now...but I've only looked back on the blog posts you did while you were in Sydney and Notter School of Pastry Arts.

Being a confused University student, I'm so happy that I can find someone to relate to. I look at how far you've come and I feel so inspired. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to us!

ViNi said...

Aye to that!
Hello and hugs =)

-Vanessa Goh

Holiday said...

Nothing good ever comes easy. Sometimes our dream just doesn't come true no matter how hard we try. But faith is all we need to just keep fighting and looking for happiness!