January 4, 2012

Out Hops the Rabbit and In Comes The Year of the DRAGON!

People are getting excited about what luck the dragon year brings; and how dragon babies are going to change the world etc..etc.. *laughs* I'm more worried about how difficult it will be to make mini dragons out of sugar for my cupcakes! Hehe.. I'll show everyone soon how I work my way around it this Chinese New Year! Still can't decide if it's proper to do a full fierce looking chinese dragon or just a cutesy friendly one the kids will love.

As the Chinese New Year draws real close; I've been getting many enquiries on hamper baskets and gift ideas for the season, as of now; I've put out some options for people to purchase off shelf and we have also been taking bulk orders for these as well. Not many are left; but my elves and I are busy fulfilling more requests for customized gifts!

I guess it'll be a full week of basket and tray hunting for me!
I've recently scoured some huge gold ingots with lids and decided to fill them with lots of delicious goodies as new year gifts! I think they look so auspicious and grand! There are a few variations to these, they also come in a range of prices from RM48 to RM288. I would suggest to come by to our stores to check them out of email us in advance what sort of quantities and budgets you're interested to find. I can always tailor make them to your liking if you purchase more than a couple.

Oh YES! We've got a special running for this Chinese New Year season! Our pink and yellow XL cookie tins priced at RM78 will be having a RM10 Discount!! valid from the 1st to the 31st of January! They are filled with giant chocolate chip walnut cookies and it's a perfect gift to bring visiting family and friends when new year comes along. If you would like to just purchase the tins without the Chinese prosperity sticker in the front; they are discounted too; and we have some stock in store :)
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Monkey Pandas and Other Things said...

Oh my goodness - they all look DIVINE! Bring on the Year of the Dragon!

The Little Floral said...

Hi Su. one of my wish list is visit ur store ^^ I love it for along time ^^ Have u got any lecture for making cupcakes ^^ I am not in Malaysia but if u have, i really want to attend ^^


just4u said...

Greeting from Taiwan. I'm just amazed what you did. Happy Dragon New year.