July 28, 2011

One day.. i will live in a big mansion, and take up golf..?

Eventually... there will come a time when I wake up to not much to do; but lounge around, sign a couple of cheques and think about a good time to take the dog out for a run or play some golf maybe? I have no clue specifically why..... but golf reminds me of rich people and fancy tea at fancy clubs with fancy umbrellas and little finger foods. *laughs* I have funny trains of thought. Must be all that American TV i watch with boys in ralph lauren, hugo boss and preppy hairstyles. Hehe.. the pastel coloured luxurious life of the blue bloods?

It isn't exactly the ultimate goal in my life to be rich; but sometimes it does make me laugh when I dream about waking up to such unnecessary luxury.
I imagine myself traveling lots for fun or work, having a supportive family and a comfortable home in a peaceful and beautiful part of town full of lush green surroundings and outdoor activities. That does sound like a golf course doesn't it? Haha..


Marina Mott said...


Carmen said...

Love the little shoes.

Jim said...

it does sound like the movies or television. I played golf for awhile - but it was not the same as the idea of golfing. Is it the actual golfing or being able to be a member and go to the clubhouse and their functions. I had fun for a few years and then went back to footy with most of my friends