July 12, 2011

Balancing my Cakes..

is a much easier task than balancing my life.With the right amount of support placed in the right accurate angles.. balancing a cake and it's heavy sugar components is easy.
I used to break a sweat conceptualizing these things; but it eventually gets simpler when I learn the basics well and make an effort to be thoughtful about details before I begin intuitively stabbing the cake with supporting dowels.
People love to ask; "WoW... how do you make it stand up like that?!" How does it stay straight in the car??" How do you get it so smooth?!" Well, it is all part an parcel of learning from the many "accidents" and mishaps with my cakes throughout my career. Every time something horrid happens; I console myself by thinking; "Well... at least I know this isn't going to happen again"

I can't seem to get past being an angry angry Su in recent times.
It's either I'm super sad; or super not?... or just super trying to be happy.
I'm going to get this fixed. I should maybe stop thinking of controlling everything about the way i feel and just.. be.
hm... that's an idea right there! YAY!

i have this sudden urge to host a spontaneous party. Just because..
OMG! *jumps around in excitement!* its gonna be awesome!!!
will keep everyone updated on the plans as i hatch em' ;)


Extreme Power said...

wow, sweeeeetttttt....

Carmen said...

Your cakes are amazing. I would not want to eat it because it's so pretty.

Jennywenny said...

Super cakes, super su! Chin up!

I like 'the happiness project' by Gretchen Rubin.

I'd love to hear your tips about how you stack and support your cakes :)

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com said...

You've outdone yourself, yet again. Bravo! And thanks for sharing your learning, trials and error enthusiasm. It's a great skill :)

Monika said...

Beautiful cakes! I wanted to ask a question . . . what do you do to make your Louis Vuitton pattern? Is it a wrap? It just looks so perfect.

Elvenrunelord said...

not only are you a girl that loves to cook, you're a girl who's a creative cook. Your creations look both tasty and beautiful.

I found your blog in an article listing the top 100 Australian blogs and I have to agree it is one of the more interesting ones I have visited.

That cake looks almost too interesting to eat.

Anonymous said...

I actually only started reading your blog a week or two ago, but I've read all your posts from 2007 up till now. Promise. :) You seem like you're going through some hard times, but you'll get through them! Just funnel all that anger into creative power for your cakes. You should expand Delectable into the States... I would visit so so sooo often. And buy yummies.
<3 Vivienne

Anonymous said...

HI..lovely blog