September 9, 2010

Raya is here again!

A year has gone by so quickly! I remember over the last season how we scrambled over finishing our raya hamper baskets and organizing myself for the seasonal changes in the store.
I've done a something a little different in comparison to our sets last year; instead of purely doing hamper baskets, I tried to incorporate more full cakes as gifts in this season's raya. It was really well accepted and I'm probably going to develop more on this for festivities to come.
The Delectable outlets have been spilling with our packed corporate orders ready to be shipped and picked up... the raya craziness is almost over now.. and I've already been making plans for mooncake festival! You see many many mickey mice? haha yep; that's all Ive been looking at all week! Working annually with Disney Asia on gifts is super fun! We're allowed to add plenty colours and fun trinkets! Their unconventional styles makes it exciting for me each season throughout the year.
Anyhoo...speaking about mooncake festival; I've planned something specifically for the season too! ;) The specials will be out on shelf in the next couple of days! It's best to keep updated with our specials on (follow) twitter and via (add) facebook.

To all my Muslim friends celebrating ramadam month Selamat Hari Raya!
*thank you anonymous reader for the correction. It was a careless error ;)
Have a safe drive home to the family and I wish you love; good cheer and yummy raya food! RENDANG!!! I want SOME! haha
Will probably make a stop at the Bangsar ramadan bazaar tonight. MmMm raya goodies!


Unknown said...

they are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

boo_licious said...

Gorgeous as usual Su. Will look out for yr Mid Autumn festival specials.