August 24, 2010

The untold stories behind each Delectable TREAT.

I've always got so much to say about each and every Delectable item on our shelves.
It is of course because I created their flavour components. But another less obvious reason is because I relate to each of them on a personal level. Like how?
I thought it would be a good idea to convey some of those stories here.
It'll be pretty funny if you start to think about these treats the way I do. Haha I believe Dessert should be about how it's tastes affect the way you feel; how they trigger pleasant memories or thoughts. I'll tell you my secrets on why they make me smile :)

Trifle Treat RM10

There used to be a constant ringing in my head, "BOO! Make trifle!" That would be my sister.
It's what they call me at home "Boo" haha. Sis doesn't make food; but she knows how to make her cravings heard. I'm the little sister who makes the food *LOL*
When we were little; mom would make trifle in huge 'lock-n-lock' containers and we would wipe them clean with 2 spoons and an hour session of Cartoon Network.
Mom and her siblings were educated in the UK; and I suppose making trifle as dessert was a thing they picked up from living in London for so many years. There's nothing like buttery and rich cake hidden in yummy berry jello filled with fruit and topped with creamy vanilla custard! Sigh* the whole combination is genius! Dad really likes trifle too; mom and dad met while studying in the UK..... .. but that's another story all together! hehe

Tim Tam truffles RM4

These little gems on sticks shot me from baking for fun to baking for business while I was in Australia. Back then; making them into little bouquets felt like a fun thing to do for my blog. I've even got a video of me making the truffles! hahaha it's so funny when I watch it now!

I was walking down the street to uni with a bouquet of truffles in my hand and a lady sitting al fresco at the cafe outside of my home became very intrigued with what I had with me. I explained that they were something I had made for my friends at Uni and I offered her one. The next day; she had the cafe owners track me down for my contact number and before you know it; I began selling these on a weekly basis to people who would place bookings for my truffles!
They are really fun to eat cause it tastes almost like a chocolate cheesecake + timtam cookies crushed together! Not too sweet; a tiny bit indulgent and just a little tangy from the cheese. If you love timtams; you gotta try this one!

Moist Chocolate loaf RM30

This recipe was my solution to all unhappiness at home when I was at UNSW with my dearest housemates. Out of the string of girls I've lived with and grown very much attached to down under; I don't remember a single one of them who wasn't happy to see this chocolate cake on the kitchen table. Exam time, boyfriend trouble time, paying up rent time.. .. or whatever the trouble may be.. each time there was someone who needed cheering up; I would pull this out and there will be laughter and giggles all over the kitchen island bench top instantly. I really loved baking this because it reminds me of the amazing time we spent together and the friendships we've created to last forever. It doesn't matter how different our paths may be in the future; I'll always be their 'mommy' who makes chocolate cake each time they whine for something yummy in the oven.

Meringue Candies RM8

Just 3 years ago; I was certain I was destined to never be able to make meringues. At the time; eggwhites were the enemy... and I tried over and over again to bake them till we became best friends. That never happened. Not until I went to pastry school and realized the mistake was in my arm, and not so much the recipe. *sigh*
I sell tiny little piped meringue candies in the store cause they remind me of Jo. I would either get him a bag of mini meringues or a toffee apple each time we went grocery shopping together. Jo has a sweet tooth and it helped keep him enthusiastic about the shopping and carrying of bags after. ;) I loved watching him tear open the bags the minute we got home to dig out his treat/reward with a big big smile.
I wanted very much to make meringues successfully because I knew he loved pavlova more than anything. Everytime he caught me sitting in front of the oven with a pout close to tears... I remember how Jo always was full of encouraging words. He would pat my head and say "Awww... poor baby; it doesn't matter, we've got a little more, you can try again; or we can just get meringues from the supermarket" hehe Jo was a gem.
Well; I can finally make meringues now!~ and they're just as yummy as the ones I used to buy for him at the supermarket ;) My Delectable candies even have coffee flavour to them too! Eggwhites and I are no longer enemies! yay!


chocolatesuze said...

<3 i remember when you posted the tim tam video it is what inspired me to start baking!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i want the recipe for the tim tam truffle!! unless of course, u deliver to melbourne =)

boo_licious said...

Lovely thots about each of the delectable goodies. Thanks for sharing Su. Now I'm craving some Tim Tam Truffles. Help!

Cher said...

I LOVED that tim tam truffle video. Haha. The waiting part of the video was hilarious.

crustz said...

Dear boss! =) hahaha your video so farrrny =) haha i don't look like that when i make them lol! Lots of love =) little girl..miss me! =)

Marysa said...

Dear SU-YIN,

It is lovely to find your weblog, Today I was just thinking that because my Master programme will be started next week and I used to work for about 7 years, I need something to do in my sparetime and this is baking.
could you please just lemme know how do u make the cakes and then traffle? I saw your nice vedio but I could not get that how did you make the cake which is on the stick? if you know any website which teach anything like this, I will appreciate that because I dont want to waste your time.
Kind wishes

Zoe said...

Hi Sue, love your stories. Hope to have my own bake shop someday.

LifeBloom said...

Such passion in everything you do...and that is inspiring :D. Must taste that trifle!!

jacqueline said...

Dearest su, these treats are all a gem!! I am in LOVE with Tim Tam truffles and oh i do wanna try those yummie Meringue Candies! Thanks so much for sharing your story here with us! Very inspiring as always! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!

kwpang said...

Wow Tim Tam truffles! love your story and thanks for sharing.

emy said...

Thanks for sharing those great stories behind your creations!

Wish I'll get a chance to actually taste it soon one day! (Until I get a chance to go to KL, that is.)