September 13, 2010

Baby Mooncakes + Cupcakes!?!!! hehe

..this year for the mid autumn season..Delectable wants you to have some FUN!

Yay! for the mooncakes and their yummy fillings... Yay! for the stories and the traditions and historical origins of the festival... and a big big YAY for LANTERNS!*p.s I wasn't gonna stick candle up my nose :( webcam position is misleading :P hehehe

here what we've got!!!

Cupcakes... with MINI MINi mini white lotus mooncakes on top! THey are SOOo YUM!!!
A set of 3 comes with both chocolate and vanilla.. MmMmm...Step 1: Pop one in the tummy
Step 2: Share the rest with family
Step 3: Detach paper lantern + candle for a pretty night of fun!

Available.. starting from tomorrow...till.. well; till we run out of mini Delectable mooncakes. :(
Limited sets available; so call for pre-booking or bulk orders! (PRICE/set: RM33)

We've got them at both Delectable Treats, Pavilion and Delectable By Su, The Gardens Midvalley.

YAY! OKAy~ me and Denise are gonna go drink bubble tea and play with our lanterns now BYE! Hear from you soon! xo


Paula said...

It must be so delicious :)

Zi Ee said...

Hi Su... I was wondering, if you have time... could you make MACARONS? A new addition to Delectable Treats! =) ( FYI I'm honestly obsessed with macarons and your cupcakes XD )

Aya Nina said...

Hi Su, do u mind sharing your cupcake box supplier? my friends n i are opening up a cupcake shop in sabah. it's hard to find supplier for cupcake box here :( my email is thank you :)