July 8, 2010

Step 2: Branch out!

Yeah!!!! *jumps around*
Su has made Delectable Designer Cakes a fun "Treat"filled offspring! *giggle*
A little less than 2 years ago; there was...
Step 1: THE DREAM!
1.1: First outlet (The Gardens Mall Midvalley City) - check
1.2: Make it awesome - check ;).. damn straight! hahaha
1.3: Improve on concept; fix inconsistencies; strive to be more than just awesome - check

Step 2: Open another one? hahaha - check! WOOO!
It was an incredible run for Su and it's now time to grow those ideas that have been hanging around. It never ends... I constantly find ways to torture myself haha. I'm loving it! The current outlet is going to always be our main studio space where I have my clients and friends come in for consultations sessions on designer projects; but we've got to find more convenient ways for our fans to reach our Delectable goodies no?

TREATS will have all those lovely freshly baked desserts you've come to love at Delectable but in more varieties and flavours! I've been really busy with the artwork, photography, shop construction, staffing, recipe testing, tasting too of course! haha loads more to do... we open in less than a WEEK!

Where are we at? Pavilion Mall; Kuala Lumpur city center. Sandwiched between TGI Fridays and Times Bookstore on lvl 6.
The shop is looking pretty good up to this point; there are just so many many little finicky bits to finally getting it up and running. I'm going nuts with this! really nuts... having the same issues I had with myself a year ago; striving for perfection and running on no sleep for days.. I would have probably passed out if not for the daily dosages of Ribena and caffeine haha.

www.delectabletreats.com.my Will hopefully be up soon! OMG JUST SO FREAKING EXCITED! *phew* haha it's ridiculous; I can't sleep; I can't relax.. just major hyper all the time! I'll keep everyone updated.
Still lots to do... the clock is ticking; and I've got a million things undone.
Will make time to post pictures of yummy fun cakes tomorrow!

Goodnight world!


Lemonadelime said...

Congratulation to you~! Yeah, it seem really a big success for you, open two outlets within two years!

Haha, earlier still wondering where the TREATS will locate...between TGIF and Times??Isn't there is empty space in my memory? XD

Can't wait for more update and of course, more yummy foods ^.^

Christine said...

Empire Shopping Gallery next so I could go everyday

fickle red riding hood said...

Can you please come and open a store in Sydney, Australia? Please

ilynna said...

congratulations su! can't wait for more updates... i love all the wonderful things you create! =0D best of luck with the new shop.

Anonymous said...

i wanna see a store opened in sydney too xD Congrats Su, wish you all the success in the world for your new store, can't wait to see what you have to offer! I really admire your passion for food, you put all your heart into every creation :)

Melissa said...

Congrats and best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes it is not so good to expand too fast and too many. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome.
Please go international... say London :D

jacqueline said...

Yipee and congratz!! I am so happy and excited!! I hope to visit both your shops often. Lots of love to you!

LifeBloom said...

Congrats Su!!!

fireheart said...

Omg, wow! Congratulations, Su! :)

Su Yee said...


Anonymous said...

did you say you be opening in a week's time ?

I'll be heading your way next week so hope I can locate Pavillion Mall... I want to go to your shop to try your creations !


pklck said...

congratulations Su!