July 1, 2010

And just like that... They fell in love

I perched myself at the mall entrance for a late lunch this evening. Good breeze, tiled sidewalks, view of the fountain...it's always really nice to have a brief escape from the air conditioning inside.
My attention was drawn to a yellow striped Delectable box swinging past. A young boy had it by the ribbon. He walked up to a pretty girl sat right next to me. She squealed in delight when she saw him come by. "CUPCAKES!" she exclaimed. He responded with proud nod; "All 3 them are the chocolate teddy flavour!"
She was so thrilled how he remembered her favourite.
I was just as thrilled as she was haha... trying hard not to burst out in smiles and giggles myself. I sneakily watched as they cuddled up close to each other and shared our little Delectable cake. She made him eat around the bear and snapped at him each time he threatened to bite it's head off. They were so cute to watch!
What really gave away my obvious eavesdropping was when I overheard her say; "These moments are why I love you."
I was SO close to whipping out my cellphone and taking a photo of them with my camera! SO CLOSE! Didn't exactly want to freak them out or spoil their moment with my personal "AWwwww... that's so sweettt"

I'm sure many of us are lucky to remember what falling for someone felt.
It's the time when..
You wake up in the morning grinning to yourself
Butterflies never seem to settle in your tummy causing you to giggle at random
You hold on to your phone waiting for it to ring, beep, or just SOMETHING already dammit!
Everyone you know stares at your bright cheery eyes; they know something's up.
You can't run from it; and you can't hide either.. it's just written all over your pathetic love sick face! hehe.

I looked down at my boost juice and veg roll dinner....*pout* I want to fall in love with Jo all over again.


Unknown said...

What a brilliant story! I love your blog so much right now x

Unknown said...

And I want to fall in love all over again too.

Unknown said...

And I want to fall in love all over again too.

Imagination Cakes said...

I'm such a softy when it comes to stories like that. It was beautifully told. Except I think I would of taken the picture. I can only hope couples fall in love while eating my cakes too.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute!!! Love your blog. :D

Amelia said...

Awww such a sweet story :))

and I LOVE the cute yellow duckies on the last cupcakes :D :D :D

Jessamine said...

Have nv commented on your blog but I have been a silent follower since the days you were studying at The Notter School! I'm from Sg and I will be going down to KL for a bday getaway this weekend. If I can find my way there, will definately pay a visit to your shoP!!!! In a way, you have inspired me to try my hands on baking and after that I even took up a fondant class.

Unknown said...

Looook at Jo bunny all bowed up!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with these cupcake yet

ViNi said...

Awww, how cool it is to get to see how your creation is shared and loved!

jacqueline said...

Falling in love is such a beautiful feeling! This is such a sweet sweet story and your cupcakes makes my heart flutter with joy! Hope you are having a wonderful week! I will have some good news for you soon! How exciting! Lots of love to you!!