May 9, 2010

Pizza with Jo & Su

I just recently took a little time off work to be with Jo in Sydney.
He says I don't blog enough and that I should put up recipes of my cooking like I used to. Okay okay.. he is right... haha I rarely get the chance to cook and photograph at the same time; so this was a fun project we did together! He understands how busy I am; but he keeps reminding me of important aspects of my life I sometimes easily take for granted.

I had such a fulfilling holiday! I got some work done in between; visited my favourite Sydney spots, got to see my friends; watch Jo graduate at uni; hung out with family, play in the kitchen and leisurely test out a couple recipes for Delectable... it was exactly what I needed!
Before I left; I thought it would be a good idea for Jo and I to make a mother's day lunch for his mom. She cooks for us ALL the time; and though she does let me be sous chef occasionally; I thought it would be nice if Jo and I could make her something for a change. Omma (mom) makes the most ridiculously delicious rice and homemade Korean dishes; ridiculously... I pile on the pounds each time i visit! She's just too good! Resistance is futile.
Instead of trying to guess what she'd like to eat; we asked her what she wanted us to make.
She said "Thin crust gourmet pizza"
....oh ... wow.. for 2 seconds she caught my face going blank! Hahaha and then I thought of instant dry active yeast..and *phew* my complexion gained colour again. She did a little laugh; and said it was okay if I don't know how to make pizza. Well, I knew HOW.. i've just never on my own made it again out of pastry school. *scary*
We went grocery shopping for a brand new pizza pan and gathered a little basket of ingredients.
Jo was so enthusiastic about the idea; he loves pizza! well.. i do too.. and so does Omma; so i guess it was the perfect suggestion!

I've made pizza dough in school once in the past; and I suppose it is pretty easy to wing a recipe like this. The whole process is really really simple to recreate at home.

1 sachet active dry yeast (70-80 grams/0.25 ounces)
1/4 tsp sugar
3/4 cup luke warm water
1 3/4 cup plain flour
1/2 tsp salt

1. Weigh sugar; flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Activate yeast in luke warm water as measurements. Allow to fizzle for 5 minutes or so. Make a well in the mixing bowl center; pour in the yeast + liquid mixture; stir to form a rough ball as below.

2. Knead dough ball for 2-3 minutes till dough is elastic and smooth. Flour hands a little to make it workable; do not dust too much flour on the kneading surface. Divide dough in half. One recipe makes 2 thin crust pizza's approximately 14 inches in diameter.

3. Lightly oil surface of pizza pan with olive oil and press out one dough ball to form a small disc. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes.

4. Press out dough disc to reach corners and form a thin base crust. If it continues to shrink inwards; allow to rest; and press out again.

5. Toppings!! tomato base first; and then meats; veges... top with cheese and Italian herbs. Remember to thinly slice your components and never pile the pizza too thick! a little cheese goes a long way ;)

6. Bake in preheated 170 degree oven for 40 minutes; till crusts are golden; cheese is bubbly and deliciously melted; ahhh!! i love pizza! haha

We were tempted (more than a couple times) to pop an 'instant' pre sauced pizza base into our trolley at the supermarket; but thank goodness we didn't succumb! This recipe is MUCH much YUmmier!

Jo measured the ingredients while I activated the yeast.
It was really nice to be cooking with Jo again. He's a chemist; a perfectionist at recipe measuring haha. As I watched and photograph him kneading the dough; I recalled how much he used to help me in the kitchen when I had just began venturing into the cake business 3 years ago in Australia. He's sweet, kind, intelligent, funny, helpful, loves cake and makes excellent pizza from scratch... i'm one lucky lucky girl!


Avo said...

Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for sharing.

FeeQ said...

The pizza look awesome!

bureaucrat said...

i also miss your recipes, too! it's good to read one again =)

ashieBee said...

awwwwwwwww it seems like u had a great time in sydney with jo ;)) and it's nice getting this kind of post from you...after so long!
takecare, suyin! **hugs**

Ling said...

wow...i am a cheesephobe but that looks yummy.
does that mean you guys are back together? sweeeeeet

Anonymous said...

Awwww....I am so happy for you and Jo! Glad that you two are back together and yes, you finally learnt to accept flaws and tolerate Jo. You two will go a long way. Glad Jo shared you passion, at least he'll helped out in the kitchen and you know you won't starve on busy nights because he'll make you awesome pizza!

Kenny Mah said...

You are a lucky girl indeed! Happy for you, and man, happier for both of you getting to eat that tasty-looking home-made pizza! :D

zm said...

im happy for u Su!! best wishes to u n jo~!!

Christine said...

This bit of news just feel my eyes with happy tears to the brim.
You two will have a long, long way. Count on the chemist and the baker to come up with a life full of chemistry and sweet dreams.

ykristen said...

Its great to have yr recipe blogs back, been a while. Looking forward to more recipes.

missklicious said...

Awww, this is so sweet. I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Are you and JO back together??

Anonymous said...

I remember your blog about you broke up with Jo, so since when you are back again???

Family First said...

Oh nice to read youre together again! And yes, we all miss your recipes... especially cake recipes!!!

Unknown said...

I will try your receipe soon. hopefully it will turn out nice. And what is activate the yeast? not so familiar in the kitchen and cooking lingo.

Avo said...

@Nirwana Activating yeast is mixing the yeast in lukewarm water with a bit of sugar for it to feed on. : j

Lilee Ng said...

Hi Su, so glad to see this happy post and seems like you both are back together! Like some said before, things happen for a reason so now your love for each other will become stronger than before! You learn to cherish and appreciate more when you have lost it once. Good luck and lots of happiness and blessings to you both!

Unknown said...

Oh, thanks Alesa. opps am I the only one who does not know that?

Maaya said...

hey this look so yummy and so much fun!

The Caffeine Lady said...

You guys are back together?! That's wonderful!

Su, I've been reading your blog for years and it's always put a smile on my face after I've had a rough day at UNSW. Your optimism and hard work always reminds me to be more positive-- It's like a little treat when you update! I'm sad for you when you're feeling down and tired and I feel incredibly cheerful when you take the time to do nice things for yourself or something wonderful happens to you!

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your optimism with those around you, as well as perfect strangers on the internet!

Keep moving forward-- Only forward! <3

Beks said...

It's great to see a post like this again. I'm glad you and Jo are back together (?). Keep smiling sunshine girl!

matz said...

I'm just an anonymous reader who comes by to marvel at your pretty cakes through the years :)

And as i watch your recipes improve, your cakes improve, your photography improves.. i know also that after going through challenges, you've grown up. We all do at some point in time yah? :)

Enjoy being back together in a relationship. They say it takes a lifetime to love someone.. and i'm sure you'll have fun doing so.

Congrats babe! :)

Kelly Wong said...

The home made pizza looks fantastic!
and yay! you and Jo are good!

Anonymous said...

You and Jo are back!!!!..I am very happy for you indeed.

Best wishes to the both of you!!

Helen - SG said...

Yes, me too... been following your updates. Happy to see that you're back in LOVE again. All the best.


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hiya all! sorry i havnt responded in FOREVER! :(
Life has had me on my toes.
It's kinda fun juggling it all; but bloggin has taken a tiny step back since.

i hope youve had the chance to try the recipe; it really is quite easy and quick.

yea; me n jo are together.. it's been good to have him back in my life. We're working on starting over on a fresh slate.

thanks for all the well wishes! :) xxxx haha i'm sure jo's gonna be reading this too

Christine said...

So please please please don't fight anymore. May everyday be full of thankfulness, forgiveness and love.
People that belong together find their way back somehow. So please keep it going and don't let any small fight last for more than a night :)

Anonymous said...

omggg that's super news suyin!! super happy to know :)