May 6, 2010

Mother's day 2010

Su is on holiday *teehee it explains the silence! :P

Have you thought of what to get mom this Sunday?
Well I've got some ideas for ya!

Check out the link for more details and call us with any queries or bookings.
The sets and cupcake boxes will be available till the 9th of May 2010

For PRICES AND DETAILS: visit our website (LINK)

There are a limited number of sets we've got on shelf; I do highly suggest you make a booking to reserve one for yourself via email, our website, phone bookings or even just popping by our shop personally. My darling elves will be happy to hear from you!


Jennywenny said...

So cute! Love the teapot!

Aunt Tam's Kitchen said...

Nice... wish i could buy one of those for my mothers day! hehehe!

Any chance you'd do deliveries to Australia? ;-P

Kenny Mah said...

Oh those bunnies are so cute! Happy Mother's Day to all mommies everywhere! :D

Anonymous said...

love the little bunnies! I know you do them a lot, but still love them everytime!