April 27, 2010

Chocolate Cherrybombs

Juicy, luscious and spewing with decadent fluffy whipped cream.
Each scoop comes with just enough chocolatey goodness layered in the base.
For those who love having their cherries on top; we've got 7 individual yummy cherries exploding with flavoursome liquid centers!
There are secret crunchy bits hidden in between as well.
I then smother a dark black cherry compote all over to tie it together.

I had a 'naming' session for these with a bunch of different friends in the past couple of months and WOW... the horror! *laughs* Any ideas guys? The winner gets a box on the house and a big big hug yah!

*note: whoever pulls out a "Black forest" is gonna get "kirsch-ed" in the head :P No...no.. I'm looking for something original!

Now now...stop drooling and come on over to the Delectable store to check out these brand new cherrylicious boxes of yummyness!

COME!... COME! Come try!! *pulls a mini pout* teehee. :P


Lemonadelime said...

Wahaha, dream came true, finally it appear in Delectable by Su~!

Come to grab it this coming Friday~~

Marina said...

Dear Su,
I don't remember how I have found out about your blog but from the moment I saw your delicious art I've saved your blog link in my favourites list. From that moment there are almost 2 years, and I would like you to tell that your passion can be perceived is in every muffin, bunny, cake, biscuit.. I trully wish you luck!! Hmm, and about Delectable, it's the cutest store, with the most beautiful (and I'm sure - also yummi) goodies :) Wish you all the best!

Two fit and fun gals said...

oh WOW - these look GREAT!

Sandra said...

Name it Pop that cherry or Cherry kisses or Chocolate cherry surprise or Peekaboo cherry. All I can think of for now :)

M.Y. said...


Crumbs N Crust said...

Hi.. Name it ,, how about " Cherry in the Mud" ! " Cherry Gooey Gooey".. let me think some more..heehee


Jackie said...

Cherry Poppins! X)

super rindu Boss and everyone at the store! must try the new stuff when i drop by <3

Zeann said...

1. Black Pearl
2. Onyx
3. Cherlate/ Cherrylate
(combonation of chocolate + cherry)

I'll be stopping by tomorrow morning! Hope to see you~

Best wishes.

Bridget :) said...

Hmm...how about "Goodylicious bombs" or maybe "Heaven on Earth" or "Delectable Pops"...:)

Anonymous said...

haha just name it 7 deadlier sins

Sandra said...

Cherrydelect. Cherry Delight. though I still personally like Cherry Kisses or Peekaboo Cherry hehe.

Cherry bliss. Tickle me pink. Cherry tickles. Cherry Me.


Anonymous said...

I much prefer this. I think most the stuff you make are really too beautiful to eat. This I can eat without regret.

Darkness 2010

Tessa.t said...

what about naming them Cherr-ups! :)

Christine said...

Actually Chocolate CherryBomb is just about the perfect name.