April 25, 2010

Cake deliveries to the Rich & Famous

Early this afternoon; I rocked up to my regular delivery hotspot in town.

A fair number of my clients live in this luxurious suburb. It always is my favourite part of the 'cake' process; to see the masterpieces get delivered and received with joy and excitement!
It's a nice Saturday afternoon to be driving into the city; traffic at it's minimum and my stress level close to zero. It would be at zero completely if this damn long sleeved buttoned down shirt of mine wasn't so uncomfortably hot and sticky after I had finished lugging the heavy boxes into my car trunk.

As I got close to the hill top where the mansion was perched; I began to get a little nervous. The relatives were here... lots of them! and their cars are parked alongside the windy narrow slopes.. Hmm... attempting a u-turn in this is going to be tricky.

A capped guard signaled for me to slow down. I stop and wind the window down. He gives me a "YEs?" - face.
I respond; "Delivery!"
He explained that if I enter the gates; I was going to have to reverse my way back down. I took a glimpse at the impossible drive way. On both my left and right... bmw's, ferarris, jaguars, porcshes, benzs and some other expensive looking cars I've never heard of...... i thought to myself; "NO WAY am i going to risk bumping into any of these babies!"

I parked myself into a cozy corner and dialed for help. I figured it would be safer to wait on the outside where it's possible to go down hill nose down.
A kind gentleman offered to push my 4 humongous boxes of pretty cupcakes up to the 'castle' on the hill while I wait in comfort for him to return with my trolly. Such chivalry! I was impressed and very grateful.

I got out of the car and stood by the tree's for some shade and breeze. There were friendly faces around me who came up to shake my hand. Most of them adult male and dressed very conservatively.
One of the young chaps shook my hand and said in Malay; "Hi, I am ___ (long long important persons title) 's driver, Who are you?"
I replied in the best Malay I could sound; "My name is Su! Hello"

The second comes up to me; shakes my hand and goes; "Hi, I am ____ and ____ (super famous important people)'s driver, nice to meet you."
I was thinking to myself "WOAHhh! these people are HERE?!"

They were curious to know what I was doing there and so I mentioned I was here to make a delivery. They chuckled and said I must be new because they've not seen me before.
I made a joke about being lazy to push the trolly up the hill and they said I'm not the type for the job. *shrug* I thought they were charming and they were pretty helpful when I attempted to make 3 point turns in between cars. Must be all that "women can't drive right-jazz"; that hoot is nonsense!
One of them introduced himself to me as being from "The 25".. with a proud head nod... I was like... ...?... wow... hey.. er... wait a minute..
I caught a glimpse of my reflection from one of the super shiny car coats. There I stood; in my black long sleeve shirt; covered toe shoes; mini sling black pouch; hair in a tight bun; 2 bobby pins on the side.
OH! They think I'm a driver for someone!
It was pretty funny; I played along; everything that I had mentioned sounded very much like a driver-delivery person too. I think they must not see many young girls in the industry; Haha they asked me where I was from; I said "The Gardens"... they were like..."wahh"....
*shrug* I thought it was cool! haha I don't think they understood that I had a shop which sold cake there. But I wasn't exactly ready to burst the bubble *grin*

I waved goodbye and told them I'd see them around when my trolly finally came back.
Come to think of it... I probably will! hehe.
I thought to myself on the drive home; "Hi! I'm a driver of Delectable Cakes!" *giggle* I should have answered that instead. With lots and lots of pride just like them :)


Avo said...

That's both an excellent story and an awesome cake. Thanks for sharing.

missklicious said...

Such a cute story. I'd be scared to navigate my car through that situation too!

Love the gorgeous cake too!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahahahaha!! thats hilarious!

Priscilla said...

HI! That's really funny! You deliver all your cakes yourself??

I soooo love your work and have been following your blog for quite a while.

I picked up cake decorating as a hobby not long ago and would love to go for lessons when I have the time someday!(which is most prob never!)

I'm really desperate to find out where you get those alphabet cutters, like the ones you used with the dinosaur cake. I live in Kuching and there's nothing here!! If you could let me know which shop in KL and where it is, I'll be forever indebted to you!!! (I am desperate!)hehe..

Pleeease do reply!


May said...

so pretty

Biana said...

I have one word for your cakes... WOW!

Anonymous said...

Your SUGAR Dog guarding the Hermes shop is AMAZING! WOOT!!! I've seen so much of your work and yet you never cease to WOW me

EADotCom said...

Brilliant post!!!!

FC88 said...

Cute story. I have to say "WOW" on your cake. You reminded me of a show I watched here on a cooking network channel. Very interesting to watch!

Tebonin said...

Oh my god sex a "luxury and pretty expensive" cake.
Love your idea...gee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
Good job!! I am always so impressed with your creations!! How many kg is the cake? looks heavy...

Your faithful reader from Singapore. :)

Nezumitaro said...

sorry I havn't read the story, but I see the familiar bulldog.. MUAK!!!

Lovely cake you always have!

Kiran said...

Funny Su as usual. Dear, you are delivering the cakes? Mighty superwoman lor :D

me.anstice said...

Wow! I love the cakes! Its cute!
Can I make an order of this cake for my 21st birthday?