December 6, 2008

Su's sweating bullets!

Metaphorically speaking. *grin*
Being stuck in my constant 22 degree celcius work room makes it almost impossible to perspire.
Haha. December really is THE month for all festivities. I've received a record number of cake orders for birthday and events since I've returned from the US. December has been ridiculous! Ridiculously pleasant of course! I guess it's something about the year end season that gets everyone in the mood for celebrating just about anything. I'm so glad I have Em with me to help coordinate phone calls and confirmations... I don't know how else I'd be coping without extra hours from her.
It's been days since I've had more than 5 hours of good sleep.. I wonder when I get the energy to stay awake! Haha I'm often found skipping about the house when we close new deals together and get fun little projects to design. I love it! Well; part of me wishes December would go by quicker, but part of me loves the rare stress I have from quantity! Silly. heeee...
I wish people would call in earlier though.. definitely gives me a little more time to conceptualize a suitable idea.
At this rate; i can definitely see us moving into an office/retail space in less than a year. I don't think our current temporary set up is going to hold up much longer. *laughs* I'm currently working on our Christmas cake elves project and have been doing penguins for days now. There are penguins along my desk; my cake trays; baking sheets, shelves...... Penguins everywhere! Too cute. I'm going to make a penguin 'play-land' *giggle*Speaking of penguins...Thanks heaps to the many who placed orders and showed their support. The closing date was today and the response has been overwhelming. I truly appreciate it guys.. So so awesome..
It's pretty sweet having a blog.
Funny how it's lead me to doing what I love as a career. It's all too exciting!
Alright.. it's 4am; that means it's bedtime for Su.



Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
The penguins are looking so adorable! Reminds me of Happy Feet :D Can't wait to sample them when I am back to Malaysia in Feb09. You are doing a great job dear, stay tough and hang in there!

Anonymous said...

dear su yin, im a big fan of ur 'art'. and to my surprise, i found 1 cake maker use ur deco without giving credit to u. u might wanna have a peep on her work. the blog is in this entry

tragic girl said...

Hey Su, it's been great following your journey from Sydney to this..the penguins are adorable! I've often wished I could set up a pattiserie or the likes too, but I have to brush up on the baking, by tenfold maybe.. I got a little something for you on my blog. :)

Poorni Pillai said...

They ae so cute Su! I'd just stare at them for hours if I had one in front of me :) Adorable!

Breadpitt said...

this is a very fine art work , take time and effort,good job su yin

Lydia said...

SuYin, your penguins are truly adorable! I felt like pinching them! I am so happy that you are happy doing what you are now, best of luck! xx

Anonymous said...

is that a cutting mat?

ahaha anyway those are adorable! :D

shavedicesundays said...

Su, your creations are absolutely beautiful. My eyes are popping out looking at all your photos.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hi guys! so nice to everyone to leave comments! haha I know im slow with the responses..but i do try real hard! promise! haha

Anonymous: WOW!.. just WOW!... hahahah she called my faces 'puteri gunung ledang' Hahahahahaha... I meant for mine to be pretty fairies.. but meh; its funny how she even followd my packaging style and my hantaran cakes too.. whats the most annoying bit is that shes SELLING THEM! in MALAYSIA! In KL!! where I AM!... DAng it.. hahaha
thanks for the update :P it's cool to know

foodbox: aww your too sweet.

miakoda: hard for me not to :P

jiaying: yes! :P hehe I lvoe it

shavedicesundays: hehe... *pushes shavedicesundays's back into sockets* :P there you go darling hehe