December 9, 2008

.... the power of the internet.

Having returned home from graduating in the US; I remember telling Em about my hopes and dreams for this company I intend to set up.
We were window shopping about a luxurious mall and I ambitiously proclaimed " I want to be here! I want to cater to these corporate clients. I want them to have a cake!" Of course; we laughed it off like I was in my naive little world, speaking about shooting stars and thinking business was as easy as I imagined it to be.

Well; I was not ready for what dropped into my inbox 2 weeks ago.
An invitation to cater for a high end designer boutique at the exclusive Gardens, Midvalley. Ridiculous! I was tempted to exclaim in shock; but had to read the email twice before I could register that it was actually happening!
Who?! WHO?! you ask...
I was just walking past an elaborately stylish display pillar and thought to myself; "hmm Thomas Pink did a good job with the set up in Malaysia"
I've seen the brand scattered internationally through my travels but have not heard of its presence at home till recently.
It wasn't more than 15 minutes from my quiet thoughts that my blackberry began to beep with a new incoming email. It was she. From Trinidad. Oh.. coincidence? No kidding!
Haha. I'm really grateful for having people believe in my passion and creativity. She had completely lifted my hopes up for my future in this line. She trusted me to provide tasty delectable treats for this important event that she organized, and I was prepared to give her my 100%.
My photographs were a tad tacky as we were set up in the middle of a mall.. but I did make an attempt to take a couple photos of the food without looking too awkward.

At the end of the night; i returned to collect my accessories and trays only to be greeted with praise and good news. I was ecstatic! I had been worrying all night if the tiny 'Pink themed' food was well received.

Su has been so lucky to have had several angels with strong wings lift her up since she returned home from Pastry school.
I truly; TRUly am so grateful for how they've gone out of their way to help push me along my bumpy path. I sometimes feel just a 'thank you' doesn't quite express it. It isn't the money or the opportunities.. it's the trust and sincere kindness which I'm incredibly grateful for.
I'm naming these 4 Christmas angels Emily, PuiSan, Belinda and Celine.

Because they've just helped make my everyday feel like Christmas.
I suppose I should make a few angels after my 3 permanent consultants; Dad, mom and sis too. Hehe. Not forgetting my sunshine, Jo. *sigh*..I feel so lucky to be surrounded by people who support my 'freestyle' ventures. From cakes; I eventually began writing.. from that, I've now ventured into catering events too.. who knows what I'll be doing in the next couple of months! My company website isn't even ready yet! *laughs* Well there is a lot you can expect from Delectable, I promise. ;)


Jennywenny said...

Congratulations on another successful event. I'm always looking for your posts to see what wonderful creations you're doing. It inspires me to keep trying to get better.

Anonymous said...

hey! you have really some mean cakes and photos!! you're really creative ;)

btw, what do you use for all the bright coloured decorations? marzipan?

Unknown said...

congrats su-yin!! i'm so proud of u! =)

Jackie said...

Su, I have been following your pursuits since you were in Sydney and all I can say now You have put so much work into establishing your business and obviously that is beginning to pay off! Your creations are beautiful and I only wish we still lived in the same country so I could taste them instead of drooling into my laptop!

Keep up the good work!

Annie said...

Those angels are gorgeous! Seriously, when are you going to start delivering to Sydney?!? I need angel cookies!

Family First said...

Wow! you'll soon be the "who's who" of the exclusive catering world!

Anonymous said...

awww how cute!I want those angels!!:)

ive been watching your blog on and off for almost 2 years! :) (cause my comp would decide to randomly delete my fav's....and then I'd find you again through someones blog!)

I havent commented until now, but just wanted to say congrats! You deserve all the've come a long way! ^^

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Congratulations! You definitely deserve it are so talented!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS.Im new to this & tonight is my 1st attempt in browsing blogs & found yours. Very creative of you presenting your food. I love the little ribbons you tied to your pastry.I can see you did it with LOVE.

Anonymous said...

the food do look really yummy..just for curiosity, do you mind naming all those dishes I can drool even more :D..


Abby said...

Congrats! Everything you post always looks SO good! I have a bad habit of reading your blog when I am hungry...and then I get sad b/c the food in my pantry doesntt look half as good as what you post!

Unknown said...

hey, i used your one of your cupcake pictures. Hope you don't mind. I've put a link to your blog as well. Cheers!

and gosh, your blog is tempting.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is, it all looks amazing!
keep up the work su, you're doing a fantastic job!
i agree with everyone else, wish you were in sydney instead of me drooling at the pics!

Anonymous said...

You girls deserve all the praise as it was extremely well done! I have forwarded your contacts to some of my friends and I wish you all the best in all your undertakings.

Thanks for naming one of the Angels after me (really made my day!!!) and I hope to work together again very soon.

Blessed Christmas and a delish year ahead!

Belinda Siew

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You are so good and creative at this. Good luck in your future undertakings.

Anonymous said...

Su Yin! Again, some of your wonderful master pieces! God bless your angels and looking forward to delectable ;)

Anonymous said...

Well Done!! Very proud of you. Always good to see young people making good for themselves.


V.Streit said...

Congratulations! I like the idea of the tissue paper around those breadsticks.

Pretty cookies too :)

T said...

Congratulations! We should be grateful to have the support and love from our love ones. I do understand the hard work in establishing a new business. It's a big one you've got there for a start. Good job!

Julian Si said...

Wow, Thomas Pink :-) WELL DONE on getting the opportunity to cater for them, your work looks amazing! I like the macro-photography too..

Have a good day!

ps - I shall try the Organic Steamboat ... one day!

Anonymous said...

hi su
tho its bn a long time since i wrote, i'v not stop being ur fan. M definitely goin to look u up wen i get to Kl. Good things happen to good people. Cheers!!!

myon said...

Hi☆ angel cookie is sooooo cuteXD
and it's seems soooo yammy☆I like sweet(: cake and chocolate and pafe and so on...
I want to go here(:

Luxury Ties from Duchamp said...

i relly like the new range of ties! the food lookd really good by the way