September 21, 2008

When Fairies come out to play~

I can't stop making FACE cakes! *grin*

I'm so excited about my rendezvous with Sydney, Australia.
Just 2 more days to go... ahh my favourite place in the world!
I'm looking forward to my Jo, my friends... my convocation ... the beaches! SPring!! ahhh!!!! I can't contain myself. Haha
Will be leaving soon; but haven't had time to pack. Will be blogging from miles away... I do have enough photographs to continue blogging while I'm away from my cake orders and Malaysian escapades for a week. I might even find something interesting to share with everyone about the MOST beautiful city down under. Melbourne folks; don't hate. Sydney is fantabulous! *cheeky grin*
I'll have to have a photo of me up in a.... a.. whatchamacallit; square hat and robe thing-y... come to think of it; I'm not sure if I've confirmed my attire or tickets to the graduation ceremony... OH no!
Got to run guys! This will have to be a short one.
Su sends her love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin!
ur face cuppies are so adorable!
Me too heading to Sydney soon..wonder if u can share with me the name& add. of baking supply shops in sydney?
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

=O you're coming to sydney?!?!?
ohemgee!! cool!
It's friggin hot here!!
hrm but I bet it'll be freezing soon.
stupid climate change =\

butbut have a safe and great trip!

Dee baker said...

Su, Congratulations on your graduation!!
Hope you have a great time in Sydney

Anonymous said...

and ur jo is looking forward to seeing u too!

Anonymous said...

bonde..ur n ur way yayyyyyy!!!!!!its hot now so get ur summer clothes ready

Eve said...

Hii :] I discovered your blog sometime in the Feb of last year and I saved you to my fav's in case I need a recipe lol.

I think your culinary skills are superb and the artwork that you can pull off on those desserts are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Sydney is the most beautiful city down under. Gosh, I miss Sydney so much don't know when will I return. You will have great time there, enjoy your stay in Sydney

SIG said...

Oh wow... those are lovely fairies. Congratulations on your graduation.

Breadpitt said...

your creation are way to cute to resist to give u a compliment , lovey!!!! cute too....that s the part where im still missing out after 1 and half year in pastry kitchen , guess must pick up some knowledge from u!!!

Anonymous said...

i hope you find new inspirations soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,

been following ur site for quite awhile. just wondering if u'll be doing any orders for those of us in sg?
would really wanna order from you someday!
i love ur creations!


~Marielle~ said...

Hi Su Yin!
Love your site! I'm passing on the Brilliante Weblog award!! :)

Mallini said...

Hey!! Great work, as always. Just wondering, instead of putting your signature in the top corner of the picture, would you consider making it into a watermark to be put in the centre of the pics? Just an idea.

Elin Chia said...

Hi Su Yin,

Love those fairies faces...great expressions and you are really talented ^*

Congrats on your graduation. Have a great time in Sydne ya.

Anonymous said...

is the blog makeover done? it looks a little unfinished... the artwork is disparate in style. the cakes are great, are there post notter improvements? love to see a retrospective and eval.

Anonymous said...

that is so cool.
all those cakes and cookies and it would be such a shame to eat them.

Are you professional? Do myou have a shop? I would love buying your stuff and then not eating it. Just stare at it all day :o)))

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your graduation Su! Love the cuppies! Looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

these are absolutely awesome! i think they need to make their way out to california! :)

Deepthi Shankar said...

those cakes look sooo cute

Snooky doodle said...

wow how cute. I couldn t beleive they were cupcakes.

Nate @ House of Annie said...


Came to your blog from Beachlover's Kitchen. You have a nice site.

My wife is from Malaysia. Her name is Su Yen. Maybe you're related?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reponse about the A1 Curry paste. I am happy you found it, hope you like it.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi GUys... so sorry about the late reply. thanks all for the comments. I havn't found some time off this week to reply my messages. I sincerely do apologize.
Have been really happy receiving responses from everyone.

Hazlynz: There's a good spot close to the city in camperdown. check out

superfatmee: I'm currently working on the logistics of all that. Will update everyone real soon on international orders and shipping to Singapore.

Abuela: i'm not really paranoid about my photos getting used but more so my ideas for sale. Didn't want to destroy my pictures by having faint watermarking going across them.

kelly: It's a gradual change i'm working on. Havn't had much time to sit and play with photoshop. not exactly seasoned with the program yet. The style really is a little 'everywhere' but it's good for now. The notterschool didn't teach much about 'cake design' but i did get lots about pastry and baking.

nate+annie: haha nah.. thats my first name :)

rasa malaysia: I'm a little lost there... haha havn't used A1 in ages.