September 27, 2008

Sydney... the song in my heart.

It's more than a city filled with skyscrapers....
It isn't merely beautiful... it's breathtaking.
It's the birthplace of her career.
It's where she discovered herself, satisfied her curiosity and bloomed into a lady like a daisy in spring.
It's where she was so lucky to be surrounded by those who cared for her.
It's where she learnt harsh lessons in life.
It's the city where she fell in love.

Pre departure; I missed it dearly... but it wasn't until I had stepped out of the plane that it hit me;.... I'M BACK!
The smell of spring in the clean crisp air... the soft puffy whites floating amidst sailor blue hues of sky. Oh ... I was blown away in an instant. I spontaneously plonked down my belongings to lift my arms up as I felt Australia embrace my return. I could almost hear it whisper ever so pleasantly..."Welcome home Su"Following my ridiculously busy weeks and months in Malaysia... i hadn't been looking forward to a trip away from work. I wasn't prepared to face all that catching up when i eventually returned. (**which happens to be the 'now' for me)
I was tired... stressed out and frustrated at the fact that I'm not a plane-sleeper type person. Ahhh.. throughout the flight...I kept thinking to myself, "What's the fuss about attending this bothersome ceremony where you wear a robe, walk up the stage and retrieve this sheet of paper."
Of course it would be nice to see my friends again.. it seemed like a cool idea to have a week off to catch up with old friends down under. Thinking about it now.. I've only been gone for less than a year. Can't really regard them as 'old' friends yet can I? :P
Truth be told; I've changed much in the handful of months that I've been away in America. I suppose everyone remembers me as the energizer bunny filled with enthusiasm and panache. I was loud, overbearing and occasionally irresponsible when I felt like it. What better way to be reminded of my silly antics than by those who know me best.
Now that I'm back home; in my tiny work station... thinking off the many sweet things my friends have showered me with the past week... I can't help but to shed a tear of appreciation for their love and friendship. My classmates.... housemates... fellow Malaysians... local friends and my dear Jo; i can't thank them enough for such a warm welcome home. The gifts, the flowers, the congratulatory wishes.. the chocolates, cards and teddies were all unnecessary.. all I needed was a hug and a smile. The way their eye's lit up... the way their faces glowed with joy as I embraced them... guys... I've missed you too.Graduating from University and walking about the UNSW campus in my gown gave me an aura of accomplishment. I took home with me an inspirational speech by our guest speaker that afternoon about creativity and the ability to look beyond what is expected of you. I'm not exactly practicing my construction management degree at this point in my life; but his words were closely related to my daily working environment. Having participated as one of the geniuses behind the revolutionary structural engineering of the magnificent 'cube' at the Beijing Olympics; I suppose he is one to speak about innovation and creativity.

I did wish I had free wifi at the serviced apartment we were housed at for the week. I would have definitely blogged about my daily escapades throughout my holiday. From meeting clients to visiting my old favourite's been a whirlwind of delightful activities.
Ohh the food!! I can't wait to fill everyone in with my following posts about my trip.

It's back to work for me now. I have many unread emails waiting impatiently in my inbox.
Will definitely have more cakes posted in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

aawww! so sweet! congrats Su Yin!

Anonymous said...

Welcommmee baccckkkkk and YAY on your graduation ^^! But you also came just in time for GFM :D Time to hit some restaurants!

DaViS ChAi said...

congrat for ur graduation!!!!!!

The Caffeine Lady said...


A dedicated fan and UNSW student~

Alienstargurlz said...

such a long time between finishing your course and the ceremony though. isit a normal thing?
*blur* lol.

Cutie said...

Congrats Su Yin! All the best to you in your project that you are going to do in your mini workstation. Hehe... Really happy for you to be able to pursue your dreams.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Yet another refreshing post from the cake genius! I love how you write and congrats on your graduation!

Anonymous said...


ashieBee said...

congratulations :))

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks everyone!! hehe I'm so happy to be home and back to work. Sydney was took a lazy weekend for me to snap out of holiday mode; but i'm back full swing now :)

M: Haha youre too funny! I was actually home when i had the posts up :) next trip? haha dont shower me with anything though... I must shower you with hugs instead! :)

kimloke: it's not generally 'normal' but i had no choice; the convo for my graduation batch was done in asutralia while i was in the US doing my pastry course; i missed it :( so i joined the next batch in the following semester.

Pinky Piki said...

Hi, I admire your baking skill and I have visited your shop in Mid Valley. Wonder which school or univ that you graduated from and also would like to know which course you took? thanks :)