June 2, 2008

Sex in the City? ; sex AND the city: heh~ shows how much I love the movie huh?

What's with the crazy worldwide hype girls?
I know.... my writing about it on my 'food'-blog also contributes to all that 'Hype' which in my opinion; is blown WAYyy out of proportion! I'm just here to help blow it up a little more.
Did I enjoy the movie?
Well... here's the truth; I wasn't a fan of the series in the first place. Not a hater of Sex and the City; but simply just not a lover of television in general. No disrespect to Sarah Jessica Parker and her talented buddies either~ they are excellent entertainers... I'm just not a fan of dramatic fairytale-like 'coincidences'. A big fan of the deliciously muscular and charming men in the movie though :P. The coolest, freshest fashions were paraded through the movie ....and the SHOES..my gawd the shoes... bags..lables.. *MmMmmmm* it was difficult not to crave hitting the shops right after we stepped out of the movie! Lucky for me.... it was 11 at night. My credit card was safe.
The Sex in the City fanatics were at the movie theaters with us; and some came dressed up... yes.. in big hats, costumes of the 4 friends... many Sarah's and Samantha's walking around that night. I felt a little freaked out. I must have been the only not-quite-a-fan in the cinema. ... yes.. scary..
My girlfriends loved the movie. and yes... I admit; I had fun. Many giggles, bursts of laughter and Ooo's and Aaa's from me. Entertaining indeed.
Could I relate to it?
Well maybe just how I have girlfriends who are all different; unique and supportive. I'm so happy to have met some very beautiful young ladies with amazing personalities to boot here in Orlando.

I have my Malaysian girlfriends... Australian girlfriends... and now; so happy to have my American bevy of sweet girls too. I've been moving around too much; it's not easy to just have 3 best friends like Carrie Bradshaw. I'm blessed with more than a handful of dear friends worldwide. Though we all move forward in our separate paths... I still care for them.. very much. I miss them all. I wonder sometimes if they think much of me too.
Watching dramatic stuff really gets me all soft sometimes; main reason why I dont like them in the first place :P


Julia said...

looks really delicious what you cook ;-)
got to try out some of your recipes!

Deanna @ TheChangingHouse said...

just a note....
it's 'Sex AND the City'!!!!
[haha, although your title sounds much more fun! :p ]

Anonymous said...

Ahh i see me! i miss your craziness. can't wait to see you in sf, love! :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

julie: hi there! nice to hear from you. hope to hear back from you with how they turn out :) most of the stuff is pretty easy to do.

deanna: thanks.. *blush* you're a darling.. :P <3

kassy: its going to be AWesome! haha I take pretty photo's of you no? :P

Anonymous said...

OOps. not sure if my previous comment got posted. I loved the movie too! which was a surprise considering I didn't enjoy the series.
Also love the pics on your blog! It's so inspirational :) I've only tried cake decorating once and the attempt was really quite laughable. I added you to my blog links and hope you don't mind.