May 29, 2008

Ever found sugar fascinating?

Well; probably not if you've never seen skillful sugar artisans create astoundingly unique edible sweets.
Have you seen the many incredible things sugar crystals can do?
I was wow-ed by the exciting new discoveries we've been making in class with Chef Ewald Notter. Having had years of experience with sugar; Chef Ewald has worked sugar into its many different forms and has probably taken on most of it's temperamental antics along the way.
He speaks about sugar and its habits of crystallizing fairly often; but it wasn't until I got to watch Chef Ewald skillfully toy with crystals that I actually understood. He would tell us to take a peek at what he has brewing in his sugar pot while explaining the do's, don'ts, why's and how's. There really is so much more to sugar than what meets the eye. Despite having had the opportunity of caramelizing several pots of liquid sweetness to golden bubbling amber and clenching my jaw at boiling droplets on my skin, I still feel there's much more to experience before I get fully acquainted to candy making.
Look at these sugar crystals Chef Ewald had grown.. they are stunning! yes... they were 'grown'... beautiful huh? Look it up here if you'd like more information on growing your own.
We've been making classic European candies with incredibly intelligent techniques from masters of the past. Genius..
Instead of talking heaps about something I myself am not well versed with; here's a link to answer your questions about sugar and its properties.
It's amazing how much we've learnt in the past 5 months...
I'm down to my last month of school... and wow... the many things I've learnt about pastry; kitchens; chefs and myself. Looking back;...I wouldn't recognize me. I had my brain split wide open and the many American inspirations and memories I've absorbed are indescribably fascinating.
I've been chasing dreams...chasing adventure, chasing opportunities....chasing boys? haha only kidding! I haven't taken the time to reflect on the knowledge I've gained. I wonder if I'll ever have the chance to let my mind wander back for information when I need it. I guess that's how my blog/journal should come in handy too huh? :P


Anonymous said...

su~ ive been following ur blog for ages and of course when u went to florida, i check ur blog almost every week for updates and pictures of those sinful pleasures you geniuses whip up on a daily basis!

keep it up! and good luck for the final sprint! >.<

tho u prolly wont need it anyway ;)


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Su Yin:

You'll be amazed how much of the information you have learned in school will come back to help you in your pastry career. Every day I refer to a skill or technique that Ewald, James or Anil taught me and subconsciously thank them for their diligent, patient instruction - they are my heroes for launching me into this new found passion with "sweet things". Congratulations on making it to the end - it's a little bittersweet when it's over, but we are looking forward to seeing where you launch from here! Good luck in your future adventures! Lynn Bannister

Happee Monkee said...

Good luck Su Yin, I'm sure that there are more adventures for you as you walk on this 'food path' :)

Keep following your true path.

G.Lee said...


by the way..who eats all those things you guys make at school?!

Lydia said...

I didn't think it was possible for me to be fascinated about sugar than I already am. Until now. haha.

Good luck Suyin!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

mars: thanks for the hugs dear.. I havnt had time to myself to blog more frequently the past couple of weeks. but im definitely enjoying as much of america as i can.

lynn: so awesome to hear from you!!! I would love to come to mount dora; please do email me with your cellphone and contact details so I can come visit

monkee: thanks for the supportive words :) really appreciate it.

sweet: hmm.. i give all of them away... haha; i have a fair number of friends to share the 'love' with.

lydia: hi lydia! lovely to hear from you. thanks for the good luck wish!

Anonymous said...

woo one of your cake have been featured at today

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hey anonymous! thanks for that! thats so great! haha Yay for me!! i didnt even realize if you hadn't alerted me about it. Thanks!

random acts of life said...

yes. everyday at work i tend to drift in thoughts. an often one is the properties of sugar. amazing!