July 1, 2008

Having a stack attack!

This will look familiar to those who know Su and her lazy food making well...
I'm not sure where I've inherited this 'stacking' fetish of mine.

- 'Start with a crunchy base'
- 'Pile creamy stuff over the top'

- 'Repeat'
- 'Add fruit'

- 'Repeat till mouth begins to water'
- 'Whip out eating device'

- 'Dig into messy yummi-ness!'
.......- 'Ahh...satisfaction'

Fresh mango cheeks sliced and topped with a little dusting of sweetness. The sugary goodness is then slid under the broiler(grill) for 10 minutes till sticky, warm and lusciously smooth!

Creamy cheesecake batter?:

375 g cream cheese, softened
rind of 1 lemon
juice of 1/2 a lemon
60g milk warmed
dilute 2 tsp powdered gelatin into milk

400 g condensed milk

: beat all ingredients till smooth and well incorporated. Use immediately

Crumbly cookie chunkies?: Digestive cookies!
McVities is my friend. Su loves good cookie in cheesecake.


SIG said...

That looks gorgeous Su, and looks easy to make. :)

Sarah said...

They look delicious! I love crunchy biscuit base + creamy cheesecake centre. Fab idea.

xox Sarah

Elaine said...

hi su, nice dessert. Quick and easy. I have been following your thread for a long time but i did not post any comments. Just wanna say some words.. really envy that you can pursue your dreams in US.. the cakes and pastry that you have done are fabulous.

I truely understand how you feel after graduating, dare not to 'face the music' stepping into the reality world, cos i haven been thru this stage. Well.. you have so many supporters here, rooting for you. I will be there to support you if you open a bakery or cafe..


Anonymous said...

SU YIN!!! a.k.a PIGGG =P

before anything else, CONGRATS!! stand tall babe!! really glad for you..

and your posts (all of em) always imprint a wide grin ... simply fab! have passed 'you' on to countless people now..hehehe...

u tc, k..and better be around the next time im back! and thats not just a request..hehehe

p/s: excuse the lack of relevance between this comment n the post...

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks guys~ this was actually done awhile back; just didn't have the time to put it up. It really is one of those spontaneous desserts I do; haha it so easy and silly sometimes... I'm embarrass to even admit I've graduated from pastry school and I put together silly stacks like these. Silly but yummy I must say :P

elaine: hiya~ thanks for that; Its nice to know there are people out there just like me. I've been so lucky with my career paths and options; it really is mindblowing. thanks for the support; it really means so SO much to me.. It's so hard for me to deny how this blog is a big part of my life... haha it really has been; i feel attached to everyone here.. haha like friends I have never met!

ashwini: I miss you babe! haha you'll always be the awesome diva I've always known. I'll be home in 3 weeks. You're in melbourne still? I'm heading down to stydney in september; join Yan for a plane ride down; it's going to be fantabulous!
We still need to work on that worldwind trip we've been talking up so much! OMG GREECE ITALY! CAPETOWN! we got to go woman! we ju st GOT TO lol