June 29, 2008

Sticking around a little longer...

A little more than 24 hours before stepping onto the plane headed to Malaysia; a last attempt at convincing my parents to let me stay another 3 weeks was made.
Miraculously, this time... the answer was YES!
It was for good reason...it's nothing like "I can't face the music back home; I need a long holiday" type deal. I had been longing for the opportunity to participate at the annual ICES convention for a long time. I've heard a great deal about the ICES (International Cake Exploration Society) from articles, television and cake lovers around the world.. it's annual convention was going to be held in Orlando this July...can you believe my luck!? I just HAD to stay... it would definitely be worth my flight extension... 4 days; surrounded my all things cake. Just thinking about it is giving my tummy butterflies!
You know what else I'll be so lucky to hang around and enjoy here in Orlando?
A brand new Wholefoods blocks away from where we live! SWEET! Driving 30 minutes up to Winterpark for groceries from my favourite store used to be such a pain. 2 days ago; a picture perfect "NOW OPEN" caught my attention as I drove swiftly past. I couldn't wait to bring my family in for a mouth watering shopping experience! We really don't get pleasures like this in Malaysia. Clean, ripe and juicy fruits and vegetables on display. All fresh, all organic, all DELICIOUS! The variety, the colours! The quality! OH my... they really know how to get us foodies in the mood!
Being a big foliage muncher myself; I was looking forward to bagging home a couple bags of loot! There really is nothing better than eating fresh greens and fruits with minimal cooking; but maximum flavour! The breads and baked goods here are pretty enticing too! Well; they try to make items on sale as healthy as they can...but sugary cakes and cookies are for sale too. Feeling hungry from the small tasting portions on display and intoxicating aroma of hot foods; we boxed several meal portions to have at the cafe.
What did we go home with?
Bags of fruit, a freshly baked loaf, artisan cheeses, huge colossal shrimp!
I sent my family off to the airport this morning with a healthy brunch.

Egg Souffle6 eggs
2 cups milk

2 tsp mustard
3 sprigs chopped thyme
salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup shredded mozarella cheese
2 cups fresh assorted mushrooms (button/shitake/portabello) chopped.
1/2 sliced white onion

Saute onions and mushrooms in olive oil in a pan over medium heat.
Beat eggs, milk, mustard and seasonings till light and fluffy. DIvide mushrooms and egg batter into ovensafe tea cups. Drop cheese into the centers. Bake in 370 degree over for 20-25 minutes till golden, risen and puffed. Serve immediately! Throw on a couple of grilled asparagus spears for colour and crunch.

Will be talking lots more about my plans in the next couple of posts guys... I'm TOO excited! Are you??!


pingmouse said...

Oh boy Su-Yin, You are just the luckiest girl. So excited for you as well.

Donnie said...

i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE whole foods. (: everything looks so inviting there..including their mango mousse!

Anonymous said...

wow ICES, make the most of this chance. I am so so excited, can't wait to hear about your plans and also for the pictures of the convention. Happy for you girl, I know what ICES means to any baking and cake decoration enthusiast. Way to go.... Enjoy....


SIG said...

Very excited for you, Su. All the best in your plans and you have the best parents ever.

Anonymous said...

"... convincing my parents to let me stay another 3 weeks was made."

...you've not spend enough of your parents' hard earn money?

it's pay back time, girl
get a job or at least spend time with your parents, spoilt brat.


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

pingmouse: hey there! it's always nice to hear from you. How's the baking coming along?

donniec: mango mousse? Hmmmm..i have to try that! I might pop by there again today. I admit though; that they are fairly overpriced...but *shrug* I cook for 1 everyday; so it's worth getting good fresh produce that don't require much cooking effort sometimes. Over seasoning is for bad salad :P hehe

poorva: hi there! I'm definitely going too! I'm so excited to be finally a part of this annual convention i hear about all the time.

singairishgirl: I know that for sure :) My parents are awesome.

jane: speaking of my awesome parents... they really don't have an issue about me staying another couple of weeks if it means that I'll be exposed to so much more experience in the industry before I leave. Make the best of america while i'm here.. I think you're just bitter for calling me a spoilt brat. Well; i admit my parents are amazing people who love to spoil their kids with everything they work so hard for; but a brat I am not... a brat is unappreciative; and I do not live one day without being humble or thankful for the many blessings I've received from my family.
I don't think it's fair you judge someone without getting to know them. But you definitely sound like a close friend of mine who just can't get past being jealous of the opportunities and knowledge you aren't lucky enough to have. I'm sorry you feel that way.