April 12, 2008

Oh SugAH~...Ohh Honey HOnEy~

What is it about Sugar Cookies that plants a cheesy satisfied grin on our faces? In essence; it's just a thick vanilla cookie smothered with coloured icing. AH hAH! ICING! that's where the magic lies. *wink*...A reminder of the holidays? ...of childhood? ...or of joyful moments covered in icing-filled sugar rush adventures!
Be it fun messy days of frosting these with mom in the kitchen; or mischievous attempts at pulling these out of cookie jars hidden in the pantry, sugar cookies will always remind us of all things naughty, creative and sweet!
Chef James victoriously returned to the NotterSchool on Wednesday after graciously snagging the Gold Medal in a Food Network Cake Challenge. I shan't ruin the suspense with too much detail; but be sure to watch out for more episodes of Chef James Roselle on American cable TV guys!
We spent the first day of our month of wedding cakes doing royal icing and practicing our piping skills on these delicious cookies.I could do this all day! Forming intricate lines and shapes from the tip of a tiny paper cone filled with coloured icing gets me all excited! There's nothing I love more than decorating .. decorating ANything! Cakes..cookies, rooms, scrapbooks, cards, blank walls...!
Everything decorate-able = I love. *grin*
I remember being little Su; all craft-sy and inquisitive! I'd whip up a ton of ornaments and origami displays and would make Mom use them in our home. She would frown... sigh.. display it for a day or so and take it off straight after I've forgotten about it! Haha
I must have drove her nuts with my kiddy crafted antics. It was difficult for my parents who tried hard not to hurt my feelings and enthusiasm when I concocted my silly 'creations' on a daily basis! I'm just glad I didn't burn anything too expensive along the way. ....or did I? Hmm... a microwave.. I remember to be the worst thing I ruined! :P


Anonymous said...

I like the american way to decorate cookies, in sardinia we use the icing with water and not with eggs, and just a little to glaze...but this is art and pretty difficult...yesterday I tried to do some flowers with royal icing and I discover my piping skills are not good enough at the moment...but your blog let me thing not give up...don't stop blogging please ^_^

shoeboots said...

Yum! What delicious looking (and really sweetly decorated) cookies! Makes my mouth water from all the way across the country!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

i heart this post!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever have the problem where the icing smooshes out of the top of the paper cone? Were you given any tips to stop this from happening? Or even worse, if I use a metal icing tip sometimes the icing smooshes out from around the tip, even though it's inside!

Sihan said...

oh i wish i cld produce such dainty lines as tt. lovely post anyway! so envious of your wonderful experience at the school!

KWF said...

How can one bear to eat such gorgeous cookies?

Unknown said...

hi=]. i hope you will reply me.=].
i love to learn how to bake sugar cookies. do you think you could send me the recipe and give some tips?
i love to bake, but sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's a disaster..

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

mika: hiya icing sugar and water is more of a glaze that doesn't hold up at the ridges; it's alright for flooding but I wouldnt suggest piping with it. DOn't be discouraged I bet your piping skills will be excellent in no time!

showboots: thanks :)

maryann: thanks for that. Really appreciate the comments.

anonymous: haha thanks.. it'll be nice to know who the anonymous's are.

cabbagegames: Uh huh! Its when you fold down the tops; make sure its folded in neatly and the filling of the icing into the bag is done clean. that really helps.The paper corners should be clean to create a neat cone too.

sihan: thanks dear :) we used stiff royal icing to do the fine lines.

kwf: hehe they were wolfed down pretty quick

isabella: Sorry dear; i do not like disclosing recipes from the notterschool; but you could definitely find sugar cookie recipes lots of places online. THey are really simple to do. Hard to mess up

Anonymous said...

Saw James on Challenge Extreme holiday cakes, he won the gold medal.