March 27, 2008

Tales of Tarts

I must take a million random photographs a day. Not many make it past 2 seconds before they are erased to make space for better angles and shots. Some get thrown around with their similar twins till I decide my favourites. What makes me pick them? How are they better than the rest?
This is where every photograph I have gets its story. I don't often tell the stories of my photographs.. *shrug* I tell stories about my life...and put those photographs as illustrations instead.
Lets try something different here. I'm tired of talking about my life and the many things that make it great.. lets see what my lenses have to say for a change.

Sitting on a pan... waiting patiently to be caressed by the swirl of a spatula; ready to infuse into each other; creating a luscious caramel.
Having been whipped; sugared and piped into fluffy little pearls on a tart, I am now ready to be torched. Torch me to the perfect golden sheen. ...
They say an even oven heat makes me prettier; but what's more fun than a quick blast from these sexy flames of the blow torch.
Smother us with cream if you must; sweet cream, thick cream, rich cream.. We do not care. We are the superstars of this tart. Take one bite into our sour tart cherry insides... squirts of heavenly juices will scream out; "MmMmm WOW chErries!"
I belong to Su. She composed me. A crowning glory to get me deliciously crumbly.

Pies, tarts and cakes are made in this bustling classroom... how do these tired students take us treasures home? There's got to be a transportation system for us fragile and weather sensitive pastries, no? Leave it to Nilson; the evil genius of the class to figure out a car friendly alternative to boxes and messy tupperwares.
The pretty vintage platters are now ready... time to cut a wedge of this little darling...
Watch the crumbs~!
and flip~
... voila! Bon apetite~

Didn't I tell you to watch my crumbs?!... Sigh..
better pick them up~ Super yummy bits!

Can you smell that nutty hazel fragrance in the air?...
I need some help here!....
You didn't think I was just going to 'spread' myself did ya~?!

When in garnish doubt ....pile berries... glazed..berries.

There's nothing like hanging out with my fellow berry friends. Well I guess the chocolate swirly dudes can come too.
Well won't you just look at me~ Elegant, poised and marvelous. Like a diva with twirls in her hair.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted this this morning and no one has commented,let me be the first! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! What a delightful talent you are!

Volvoxx said...

Mmmm mmm!! Looks so awesomely delicious! Makes me hungry instantly.... ^^;

Anonymous said...

everything looks so amazingly delectable!! love ur blog

Anonymous said...

Hi! this is Chiara from Italy. Absolutely love the way you wrote this marvellous post!
Kisses XXX

Anonymous said...

hahah hen Ke ai =) nicely done Su.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

anonymous: aww you're so sweet! thanks so much! XOXO

volvoxx: the tarts were yum!!

anonymous: heya~! thanks :) it'll be nice if i knew who the anonymous's are sometimes LOL

chiara: heyhey sweetie! it's been awhile since ive heard from ya! thanks for stopping by~

anonymous: waaaa a mandarin speaking anonymous :P hehe ni hao :) xiexie ni ;)