March 25, 2008

Of Bunnies and Eggs

My religion or culture has absolutely nothing to do with Easter, or the rise of Christ from the dead; so I celebrated the coming of spring!~ *Yay~*
I woke up to pleasant and familiar chirps from the robins and early morning tunes of happy sparrows frolicking out my window. Its 10am; I take a peek out the window.. hmmm.. the parking lot is unusually empty this Sunday morning. Everyone must be at church for morning mass and prayers. I guess today really is an important and significant celebration for all Christians. It's kinda funny how it all worked out to eggs, bunnies, sheep and chicks after awhile. *laughs* It's a great opportunity for us non Christian party-goers to celebrate too~ I heard somewhere that the Easter celebration generally included a huge feast... Feast with ham..and roast..and gravy and all things feast-like ;)
*MMmmMmmm....Feast you say...
Sure enough; Mindy had a southern homecooked easterlicious feast brewing downstairs!
Me; like a child on chirstmas morning, ran down to help my dearest Mindy and Katie prepare for their home for a huge and hearty Easter meal.Mindy got Katie and I a bag of colourful plastic easter eggs and said "Do whatever you want with them"... well..that kept me occupied for an hour or so! *giggle* I filled them with chocolate kisses and drew designs on them with a pen marker. It was so much fun.. I felt like a child again.
While we both laughed and giggled at our eggs and candy; Mindy was cooking up a storm! I tried to help; but figured i'd better let the southern cooking expert lead the way.
was little sous chef in Mindy's kitchen churning out baked mac and cheese; roast ham, stuffing, green beans and bacon, mash potatoes, deviled eggs... boy was it smelling absolutely heavenly over that stove top! I couldn't wait to dig in!
... I have to confess; I nicked a deviled egg off the plate before it got to the table. I just HAD to make sure it was good for everybody. And yes. ..It was good. SO good. *grin*Katie showed me how to use these little instant vacumn packed cresent rolls. *laughs* it's such a lazy but convenient way to make croissants.
She has so many cute 'instant' dessert and snack ideas. These were called 'hollow tombs'.
Marshmallows were wrapped in instant cookie dough; then dipped in melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. When they bake; the marshmallows would melt ..and TADAH! A hollow tomb! Hahaha.. she never fails to make me smile. I love Katie.
Easter wasn't all that we celebrated last weekend; it was also World Pillow Fight day! Brian Feldman of Orlando organized a huge public pillow fight at the city center's Lake Eola. Unfortunately for a happy couple; their special day was ruined by loud screaming pillow warriors on the adjacent lawn. Mr. Easter bunny took one hell of a beating that afternoon... *sigh poor fluffy.


ting said...

Hello Su,
I've been an avid reader of your blog! It's great to hear that you're doing so good over at Orlando :)

I've made a link to your blog ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,

Easter, for Christians, is the day that Jesus has risen from dead, and it's symbolic for "new life" to Him and to us all. So, i suppose the egg is a representation of "new life". Also, new life comes about in Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere, so that's why we have eggs and bunnies (that come out of hibernation?). Plus, bunnies are there, for someone had to deliver the eggs ;-)


anda telah kena tag! jwb ye

Anonymous said...

Hey Su,
I've been reading your blog for a long time now and you never fail to amaze me. It's so nice to know that you're having a great time in Florida. You look you're always having fun and those easter eggs sure did turn out pretty good. All that food just makes me hungry. :)

Anyways, take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing, your Easter bunny is famous.

"At one point, a stuffed bunny fell from the sky ears-first. Seriously." -- Billy Manes, Orlando Weekly

Anonymous said...

Did I forget to hit publish on my previous comment? Hmm... What did I write again?

Oh yeah! I wouldn't say "ruined," more like "enhanced."

Thanks for the photos! This one's my favorite:

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

ting: thanks for link dear :)

anonymous: thanks for the little tidbit! It really explains lots about the eggs and bunnies hehe.

wan: aww..sorry bout not really replying tags; Im kinda tied up enough with everything else! haha

beckie: heyhey! thanks for leaving me a message. Mindy is an awesome cook!

brian: hehe you're funny. I wonder how you found my post

Anonymous said...

A: Google Blogs Alert.