January 8, 2008

NotterSchool of Pastry Arts

...I awoke this morning to a loud unfamiliar chime from my brand new cellphone.
I laid in bed staring out the window blinds observing the early rise of Florida's beautiful sunshine.
My nose sniffles..
Wow.. Orlando really does get chilly during earlier hours and late in the night.
I rushed to the bath for a hot warm shower and begin my thoughts for the day.
This morning was probably one of the more significant mornings of my life. Thoughts ran through my head~...my expectations; my aspirations;...the fear..the uncertainty...I couldn't contain my excitement!
As I stepped out of the bathtub; my toes fell into a big puddle of water. My mind snapped out of deep thought for a second as I made mental notes to purchase a shower curtain for my new place after class. Wandering out into the hall also made me realize there was so much more that I needed to do to make this place a home. A home I'd be living in for 6 wonderful months of pastry and sugar arts! My new IKEA furniture were still in their boxes and my clothes have yet to be taken out of my suitcases. I made another mental note to finish all of that after class today. I wondered where I should get a cable for my tiny TV I had purchased? I can't wait to watch FoodNetwork on cable TV; I heard it's really good! Well..for once I might actually be glued to the tube *laughs* I can't imagine myself watching anything on TV for more than an hour. I guess if I'm watching FOOD it could possibly get my attention for longer.
Maneuvering my way across boxes and bags everywhere; I grab the city road maps on the way out with car keys in hand. I prayed for less traffic on the road as I started the car engine. I was driving from the left passenger seat! Everything was the opposite of what I'm used to driving back home! I knew I had to give it 110% attention if I were to get to the school safe and on time. Armed with sufficient confidence and good coffee; I couldn't fail.
Beverly; part owner and administrator of the school met me at the door as I bid hello to a fellow classmate who I befriended on the way in. Everyone had arrived! I was 5 minutes early; but in terms of class standards...I was LATE! *laughs* oh well.. I grabbed a seat and introduced myself to the boys close by. My heart was beating at record speed! I didn't say much to anyone; I was too concentrated on containing my excitement.. making small talk wasn't exactly easy.
As we eased in into introductions and common icebreaker sessions...I began to feel a little more comfortable. The staff at the Notterschool are amazing..they are talented; knowledgeable and patient. I really admire their professionalism and ability to stay humorous and disciplined at the same time. Displays of Ewald Notter's sugar artistry were arranged throughout the school's hallway and his medals and achievements adorned the walls in long extended rows. He is no doubt one of the worlds best pastry chefs.
The works of chocolate and fondant covered cakes from both students and instructors "wow" me at every corner of the room. I can't wait to make something like that! No.. what I should be saying is; i can't wait to make something BETTer than that ;) *grin*
The whole day was about getting us comfortable and communicating our aspirations and expectations of the course to our instructors. We also had the opportunity to put on our mathematical thinking caps to solve a couple of simple equations to do with conversions of recipes from pounds and ounces to the metric system. It really does make alot more sense when Mary our instructor help put the calculations into perspective.A couple of hours before we were dismissed; James gave a short lecture on the different cuts of vegetables and fruits as well as how to use a knife correctly. He then gave us a short demonstration and sent us off to pull out our chef knives from our brand new tool kits given out that morning.
Handsome, isn't he?
I have homework to do on my first day of class; I better get started on writing that research paper! As soon as I get my kitchen set up; I'll be cooking lots for myself with the local produce here..can't wait!
Catch ya later guys~


Deanna @ TheChangingHouse said...

How wonderful!!
Be sure to take the short (18 hour) drive to Canada!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited to read your journey at Notters School and can't wait to see your new creation ;)

Ohh Food network is my favorite especially iron chef america. For some reason I have no cable tv since last week and have missed battle between Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali. Anyone knows if it's available online?

Anonymous said...

yayyyyy su yin ..looks amazing there..i miss uuu

Jennyvi said...

oh, interesting!! i'm excited for you, Su! since you're in Florida i might be going to HongKong instead of Malaysia.. :P Disneyland here I come!! :) take care, Su!

kat said...

Best wishes and best of luck in your new culinary adventure Su! I'm sure you will be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog but never commented. Am very excited for you. I know you are so going to love every minute of the next six months in your slice of heaven.
Can't help noticing the KitchenAids all sitting pretty in two rows! Wow! Bring home a few...those new pro 6 qrt thingies!


Aunty Yochana said...

Hi Suyin,

I know how you feel with all the excitement. I can even feel it as I read along ...it also gave me the "WOW"!!! Keep writing, I love to read about it. Things that I've dreamt and missed the opportunity.

Best of luck to you and wish you all the best and a bright future.

rgds, auntyyochana

Cintia Listenbee said...

You're such a great writer! It feels like I'm right there with you. You've got many talents that will be beneficial not only to you but to the world. Do I sound like a fan or what? God bless you!

Anonymous said...

You're going to do so well at this, I just know it! You're made for it! Good luck and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Anonymous said...

I was in Orlando last Christmas for vacation!
You are so talented. I love to cook, but always fail at baking, sign..
On Food Network, the program ace of cake is awesome, sure you will love it. http://www.foodnetwork.com

Susie said...

Welcome to America Suyin! I hope you have a wonderful experience, meet lots of cool aspiring cooking type people and learn lots. Take some time to experience Florida as well. It's a very different culture because of the mesh of different cultures there, especially latin. You'll get to eat some really awesome food there too. And Food Network will make you glued to the tube for sure! I wish Mario Batali still has a show on there, because he is my favorite. But you'll get to watch a ton of different styles of cooking as well. One show you will like is Ace of Cakes. Duff's cakes are amazing and innovative. Anyway, this is way too long already. Just wanted to say hi! And I love your blog.

marias23 said...

Whoa, look at those cakes! :)

Anyhoo, Food Network has deteriorated of late. I rarely watch it anymore because it rarely really teaches cooking. The shows that do are usually in the morning hours, when I'm at work. I heard the Travel channel's better at kitschy travel/food shows. Do you get that channel?

KWF said...

I'm getting all excited as I read your blog. It feels like I'm there with you, seeing things thru your eyes! I can feel my heart pounding hard as I look at the pictures, all those fabulous creations and kitchen tools you've got in your school. A real heaven to be in! Too bad, I'm way past that schooling age. How I envy you, Su! Make good use of every minute and enjoy your 6 months there (which I'm sure you will, anyway). *grin* Keep writing so that we can keep reading.
P.S. James is cute! *wink*

Sass O said...

Congrats and good luck!

Am looking forward to your new creations and can I say again thank you so much for the gorgeous engagement cake :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Can't wait to read more of your entries!

Also feel that you are indeed blessed to come from a financially comfortable background...imagine all the ringgits your parents are earning to enable you to complete school in Australia and now, the States!

Take care!

cakewardrobe said...

I think it's more of a Disney World at the pastry school you're attending rather than the actual theme park itself!

Anonymous said...

Tell James a 28 year old Canadian girl who reads your blog thinks he's HOTT!


PS: he also looks very serious...is he nice??

Ling's Passion said...

I am enjoying your experience in Notter School very much though from a far. Please continue to share your experience so that we can have an insight to the school. TQVM

Anonymous said...

hey su-yin,

the school looks amazing. :) write more k? oh ya. i just got the roxy thongs from eddie. will start wearing them everyday to make up for lost time. hopefully the shells wont fall off. lol...

take care!


Anonymous said...

Su!!! i am soo excited with your new experiences...i love logging in to your blog with my morning coffee in hand...do take some photos of your cute apartment! Are your parents there to set you up? Florida must be amazing!!

anyhow, keep baking, girl!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

deanna: I'm going to try alright! haha :)

linda: haha I didnt get to watch that too... I'm watching food network everyday now though.. i just love ace of cakes! haha

jenny: sounds good! Im not too sure about disney land.. disney world is bigger :P haha Orlando has all the disney you can take!

kat: thanks for the good luck wishes :)

jaz: aww..im happy youre sharing my excitement :) I'm definitely getting a pink kitchen aid b4 i get home! haha

yochana: Its so nice to hear from you; I really love looking at the things you make :) You don't look like you need any professional classes anymore! haha

cintia: thanks for the compliment..haha i still feel im a little messy with the writing though; i should really start watching the grammar and spelling errors..i hardly ever check what I say before I publish haha! Im so lazy!!

heather: thanks! :) Im so happy!

anonymous: yea...ace of cakes is awesome! i jsut saw it awhile ago ....while answering comments on my blog. It was lots of fun!

susie: WOW! thanks for the great welcome! I'm loving food network!

maria: I watch most of them; but i really enjoy watching the travel episodes where they introduce new foods in new places.

kwf: thanks dear..haha I bet James will be happy when I tell him lots of my blog readers think hes cute! haha He's been on food network recently; not sure when though. I will definitely make the most of my opportunities here :)

sass: thanks for that! Im so happy to know i have happy customers who remember me! it really means alot.

anonymous: yea.. i know its really expensive for them; I will make every moment worth it though. it's taking these opportunities that come along and appreciating them by making the best of what I can.

cakewardrobe: HAha! THats so TRUE!! I love IT! I havnt step foot into disney yet! im too excited for class to begin! haha

mia: Hahaah..I did; he laughed and blushed..i think he knows hes cute..*snicker* hahaa it's hard not to think that when you have a ton of girls telling you that you're so cute! haha..he is really nice and humble; really patient and wellspoken too.

ling: I will! definitely! :)

xieng: I hope they fit dear! :)

dolly bear: haha that is SOO sweet dolly bear; im actually alone here..and my apartment is real cool; i live alone and have been cooking for myself everyday. FLorida is fun..but orlando is a little quiet out of disney world..nothing much happens outside of the fantasy land!haha

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your comments. I am thinking of joining this school and will be taking a tour tomorrow! I hope to hear more from you throughout your journey there.