January 5, 2008

Discovering more of Orlando

I've been in Orlando FLorida twice in my life... this would be my third visit to the Sunshine State of America... I wouldn't exactly say that I'm feeling lost...but this time; it's just different.
I am finally looking at this Country not as a tourist and it is quite an overwhelming feeling not to recognize a place you think you know.
Disney World is 2 blocks away from where I am; but I do not feel any "Disney" at all. The vibe of Disney and Themeparks isn't evident; even when looking at it towering high amongst the hills from our cute little rented convertible.
Despite the lack of Disney-EVERYTHING~..this place is awesome; the people are friendly, very outspoken and a lot different from what I'm used too. I don't think I've met any Asian person here which isn't a tourist! Haha.. the tourists kinda keep to themselves in their little "Holiday-feel" bubble. It's not hard to spot them with their camera and colourful clothing all along the main streets of Orlando. It's really cute!
I wish I were one of them; but this time; I'm here for something more important; I'm for an education!
It takes time to adapt..
and Florida gave me a nice cold 8 degree welcome. *laughs* It's very rare for Orlando weather, notorious for being hot and humid! It's getting warmer everyday though.
I've been asked many times by friends and family; So how is it?! I reply; "It's like on TV!"
*giggle* it really is; like the sitcoms we watch on American TV, the houses; the accents, the items, the shops, the street names..
I still chuckle waking up to the "Wall Street Journal" at my door. Like..WOW!...
Ben and Jerry's.. Denny's.. Macy.. Kmart.. TGIFridays...WOw!..*laughs*
We have many American brands now branching out in Malaysia; and less in Australia.. but it hardly compares to the REAL thing!
I've been having so much good food it isn't funny! The portions are mindblowing! but so delicious! I've been very lucky to have 2 very experienced foodie chaperons with me at my first weekend here in the US.

There are so many types of cuisine I've yet to discover! Cuban, Creole, Spanish, African, Hawaiian! It's so exciting! It really is different to the common; Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indian food we get very often in the East and Australia. Flavours are strong and spices are aplenty~ here in the US. I even had a taste of authentic Jerk Chicken! It was totally awesome! I can imagine how incredible my 6 months of experiences of new cultures will be for me here!
It's in the middle of early morning right now;...and i see the sun beginning to take a peek out from the fluffy white clouds. I'm still currently in Jet Lag mode..*sigh*
I'll be alright in a couple of weeks I guess.. I don't think i'll have issues trying to fit in or trying to settle down into school and things. I still think about how much support and encouraging advice from blog readers about my coming here. THANK you so much... you guys are the COOLest people ever! I really do appreciate it. I know now I am not alone..and it really gives me the confidence to strive for what I have passion for. I love knowing how you're out there cheering me on. You have no idea how much that means to me! I feel like giving everyone a hug *laughs*
It's going to take me a couple of days to fully settle in and feel at home..but I know I'll definitely be able to jump straight into classes which begin on Monday! I've met the school staff and taken a short tour; I'm so incredibly excited! I also shook the hand of Ewald Notter; the founder of the school and master of sugar artistry.... I am such a fan of his work. I was so star struck it was embarrassing! *giggle* My face lights up at the utter of his name! I can't believe he will be teaching my classes! Everyone from the Notter School was enthusiastic and warm... I know I'll just love it here!
It definitely is kicking off for me like a Dream come true~


robiewankenobie said...

i can't begin to imagine all the amazing ideas that you'll come up with. this is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

heyya! happy new year! :D
glad that u've arrived safely there. seems like u're already having fun! ;) have a great time exploring the food n culture! most importantly have fun at school! ganbatte! hehehe.. all the best! XD

Baker Accountant said...

Jia You, Su-Yin! U can do it.


Anonymous said...

Wow Su Yin, have fun in Orlando. I haven't been to Orlando but I guess Orlando is pretty much same like Miami? Very chic, nice houses, clean with a lot of Cuban, Spanish restaurant.

I am in NY after 8 years in Sydney. I really miss Japanese, Korean, Thai, fresh seafood in Sydney


Mak aihh.. besonye gelas starbucks kat sana compare to kat malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Now with professional tariner i'm sure you'll come out with so many cool ideas in your baking skils *wink*
Hv fun out there su yin!! -nurul-

Anonymous said...

i cant believe you are here!!!!!!!!

im a huge fan and im in florida too....not far from orlando!!!

i hope you have a wonderful time and please keep blogging...and if you ever get to go to key west GO!!!....i just got back and its really cool and there are several cupcake shops on the tiny island...there is even a cupcake alley!

TINE said...

Hi, I think your blog is great. I'm from CA, welcome to the States!

FeR said...

it's fantastic to know what you want to do in your life, your dreams and ahve the chance to go after it, right?

have loads of fun Su! I'm sure you will!

I miss IHOP!!! And In-N-Out Burger...oh my!

Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Yin, me a fan of you from Melbourne. I just love your fantastic blog and your creative juice!! Keep it up with your hard work!

Glad you are doing what you always love and passionate about, wishing you all the best in Orlando and always thrive for your dream!

marias23 said...

Hey Su, it's great that you're having fun already in the States. I can't wait to see your creations!

Anonymous said...

Woah! Look at the size of that Coffee!

PeachyMango said...

Wow this is such a great opportunity for you. Not just to improve your skills but to take in another culture! Much luck in the US!

Anonymous said...

hey gal, good to know that u have arrived safely there and that u are having lots of fun....tc and hope ur first day in school went well....missing u lots

lots of luv, huggies and kisses,

Anonymous said...

You are gonna do just great Su Yin! You'll be the next famous person who everyone would want to rub shoulders with.
P.s. I'm still biting my lips.

Cintia Listenbee said...

Hey girl, I'm glad you made it safely. I went to Orlando a couple of months ago so I recognized some of the places from the photos you took :) Like a good 'tourist' I too went to Bahama Breeze and enjoy the best Orlando has to offer. You're right, outside of Disney doesn't feel like Disney at all. Central Florida is a cool place to be. New Smyrna Beach is one of my favorite places - close to Daytona. Like they say in the US, 'Knock yourself out,' enjoy yourself and gain LOTS of experience while enjoying all you do. You go girl! Your fan, Cintia EUA

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Orlando! Glad to see that you are getting settled in! Let me know if you have any questions about this place...Good luck with classes!

Anonymous said...

i know you're probably in a blur of being in a new place but....

i have to say, as a transplant to canada from the us...don't eat at IHOP! that place will make you ill. >_< same to denny's. unless you're really drunk and it's 3am. lol. seek out the smaller breakfast cafes; i'm sure there's a ton of them near the disney parks.

good luck and good times!


Unknown said...

keep on blogging. feels as if i'm there as well. i think you get the shivers just from walking into your classroom!

much love, take care,

Rae said...

I remember the last time I visited your blog is when you just came back from Australia. And the moment I visit your blog again, you are already in Orlando. You surprise me not only the nice little cakes you decorated, but your determination. :) Keep it up!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

It is indeed exciting guys..thanks so much everyone for the encouraging words and helpful comments. I really appreciate all the support im getting; you guys are awesome.

ann marie: oh wow! I will! cupcake alley sounds absolutely wonderful!!