September 4, 2007

Car cakes aren't easy...

I had to learn the hard way.
I've made a mini cooper before...and that was rounded..not elevated..
I've also made an F1 dramas...bang flat right on the board..easy shape to sculpt..not many detailed edges..
And then came the MR2 sports car...I still cry just thinking about it.. *laughs*
Last weekend was a nightmare and a half for me.
First...I baked the wrong cake *slaps head* HAhaha...Leanne wanted a Chocolate chip cake..and I baked a chocolate mud... dramas..bake a new cake..
Sculpted the new cake...covered it with fondant etc..etc...
...the shape of the car is now wrong...!!! *pulls hair off of head* I couldn't make it look like an MR2! Despite the many hours I tried fixing it up; it still looked like a hatch back! *tear*
I called up Eddy and Jo for their opinion...they both thought it didn't look like an MR2 at all..
*sigh* what was I to do; it was due in 2 days!
I couldn't resculpt it as I needed it to feed 20 people...and the cake is too small as it is! *head began to ache*
I had to bake a new cake. Made a caramel circular cake as a base...stacked the sculpted chocolate chip car elevated on top...and moved on. *Ingenious!* hehe ;)
...continued working on the cake...The car began to slightly sag 1/2 way through... *faints*
At this rate...I was going nuts trying to keep myself together; it was hard to convince myself Leanne was going to be happy with the cake she ordered from me.
On the side...I was having hours of Bollywood dance practice for Saturday...
Nothing more could be done. I gave this cake my last ounce of effort...I just really hoped she'd be satisfied...
Saturday morning came... I touched it up all I could..
YAY!!! She even wrote me a sweet email to tell me how they loved the cake!

Hi Suyin,

Thanks so much for the effort and time put into the cake, we sat there just staring at the cake ooh-ing and aah-ing at it and for the longest time nobody wanted to cut it because it was just too pretty!!! It’s really amazing how you captured EVERY SINGLE detail down to the windscreen washing things on the hood.

Thanks so much… greatly appreciated.

The cake was meant for her boyfriend (owner of the MR2)...and the sexy girl on the side was made to resemble her in a hot race queen outfit.
I'm just so happy everything turned out well.
The hours of freaking out was a waste of time!...silly silly me... *giggle*


Gourmandisebrasil said...

The car cake is beautiful.

The ArchiCook said...

Sorry to say that it really does not look like a MR2, but it's cute! smiles* It does not mattter that it does not! The birthday boy already has a real one, he does not need another exact copy of it on his birthday cake, rather the love and patience that is inherit in the cake! =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..that is serious good work!..yeah although it still looked like a squashed up mr2 but wow..looks like the work of an up coming dessert chef!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hahaha...I'm glad everyone thinks its cool despite it not looking like the MR2 ...i like hhow you think archicook ;)
joe: im working on it! hehe