July 22, 2006

Happy Birthday MAtt-y!

Another Birthday?!? Yeap...2 days in a row...It's been a cake-making escapade for me! There's actually another 21st party tonight; for Chris, which I won't be able to attend. I hope he has a wonderful birthday bash. Happy 21st to You too Chris!- I'll see ya at Uni next week!

Matty= Matthew Luke Jameson...turned 24 last night! (oldie-moldie) *laughs*
One of the happiest guys in Uni! He's got the looks, got the brains, got the muscle, got the beautiful girlfriend; he's got it all!Matt organized a casual get together at The Australian ( The Rocks, Sydney) after work to celebrate. I woke up really late that morning and wondered if I still had time to make him a birthday cake. The party was at 6pm; and I was up at 11am....It didn't give me much time to bake, cool, ice and design! You'll be surprised how time consuming making cakes like these can be and I didn't want to turn up with a rushed 1/4 effort job. I decided to compromise with a smaller cake made with a single 9 inch round springform and the cake cut to shape. I popped the sculpted cake in the freezer with some cling wrap and glazed it with Bailey's Irish Cream to help adhere the icing made from red sugar paste. The details were hand molded and stickers were painted with a paint brush and some food colouring. I was contented by the time the clock struck 3. I thought it looked amazing.....except for that damn tail wing which kept flopping over!!! *argh* I replaced it with a piece of cardboard; and my day was smooth sailing from there.
I packed the tiny race car in my trusty cake tin and maneuvered my way to The Rocks by bus. Passer-bys and passengers on the bus were all intrigued. Here is a couple of my favorites;
"Is it a toy, why is it in a tray?!"- (bus driver)
"Oh, thanks for making me a birthday cake!...*goes on to sing himself happy birthday*"
"Can it move??"
I finally got there; Matt's eyes lit up when he saw what I was holding! Everyone at the table oOoO-ed and aHhh-ed. I lifted the lid and Matt exclaimed "AWesomE!". He was excited and overjoyed like a little boy with his new toy. We got him to light the candle; had a birthday song singing session and he cut up the cake for everyone to share. I'm glad I chose to make a dark chocolate whiskey cake; it had to be a somewhat "man-ly" flavour just in case the cake looked a little childish for a 24 year old! Everyone thought it was delicious and I was all smiles.Unfortunately I had to leave early as I was meeting a couple of friends from Adelaide for dinner, but I had a great time anyway. Matt's friends and sisters were fun, friendly and generous with compliments. I left having an awkward feeling of self pride. I never expected or imagined a reaction as such from everyone and felt a little stupid for having doubts if Matt would be happy with the cake on the way there. I guess my many cake making+decorating practice sessions have finally began to pay off.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suyin,

this is so cool :) Guess wat, I got my hubby to check out your blog too, esp. those with cute videos. And we were saying...a gal like you would make such a lovely wife n mommy! :) My hubby said you would be really appealing to lots of guys :) Well, if I am a guy myself, I would sure be interested to get to know you better! Not sure whether you already hv a sweetheart , but if no...NO WORRIES at all...you will soon hv to fend them off! Take care!!! And yes, I am going oven hunting this weekend!

Su-Yin said...

AWwww *gush*
*blush* haha...thanks...anonymous? and hubby.
My parents would probably be pretty worried about me needing to fend boys off! My dad might feel the urge to fly to Australia to help me out! Haha
Good luck with the oven hunting! It's a great thing to have at home...makes cooking much more convinient.

Cheryl said...

BTW, iot's cheryl who posted d earlier post! hey, just wan to share this interesting baking blog wif u too : http://theunprofessionalchef.blogspot.com/

Look under her fav blogs and u can see many others too! Hv fun & enjoy your weekend!

chocolatesuze said...

dude that is one awesome cake! did you made the red sugar paste or buy? whenever i try making my paste red it always goes pink!

Ellena Mummy said...

Wow... Suyin, you realli got the talents and creativities in making all sort of foods and cake... I love all those little birthday cake that u had made.... U are really GREAT!.....Keep it up!

Lex said...

wow su yin, u nvr fail to make in awe of ur wonderful culinary skills... are u culinary arts student? just curious.. u are sooooooooo good! :( I'm still trying.. btw, cooking is quite an expensive hobby innit? hehhe do check out my blog sometime.. nothing bout cooking tho :P

Lex said...

and oh, i've added u to my links :) for everyone's good haha

Su-Yin said...

chocolate Suze: Hey, thanks for the compliment. I usually buy "red" and "black" cause i understand how it can sometimes be annoying to try to get the right shade. But I've made small portions of red succesfully before. Use cranberry/raspberry juice as a base for the paste and knead in Wilton's red food colouring Gel. It takes alot...but *shrug* if youre desperate i guess! haha...so much easier to just go buy a tub!

ellena:Thanks so much! I'll try to post up the recipe for the white russian cheesecakes soon; been quite busy these couple of days :)

lex: aww..thats really sweet of you to say! I do a degree in building construction Management! haha ironically nothign to do with food! Thanks so much for linking me...will definitely drop by your blog more often! CHeers!

evan said...

hi suyin, i bloghopped from ellena's. got to know your blog after she posted the lava cake recipe. i think you're really pretty and your cakes look fantastic! i'm a foodie myself who loves to bake, cook, and experience with new stuffs =) your blog's really awesome by the way. every picture is pure eye candy! take care~


Su-Yin said...

aww thanks evan...thats really sweet of you to say; you're blog is great too! I'm jsut having a quick read now :)

Precious Moments said...

As always, brilliant idea and creation. You are very talented you know.