May 11, 2007

More Boobies~

Sandy saw James's Boobies and wanted a pair for her boyfriend too! *giggle*
It's my second boob cake...
was meant for Sandy's boy; Leon, celebrating his birthday ...tonight? ..if I'm not mistaken.
I still haven't heard feedback from the cake+party yet...but will soon update when I do hear from her. I was getting a little worried about hairline cracks coming up on the smooth part of the boobs though...the rain got the temperature in my kitchen a little more humid than expected. The lace frilling took me quite awhile...but I must admit..the bra came out HOT!, much better than my first attempt couple of months ago.
I do hope that it turned out as you expected Sandy; and that there weren't any underaged kiddies getting drunk on the whiskey drenched chocolate boob cake! *laughs*
Sandy requested for a 'funny' cake..just for laughs~, cartoon nipples sticking out...nipple bra hanging off....the lot~; hope everyone had a good laugh...I had myself a giggle making it too~


Deborah Dowd said...

You are very talented ! What a cake! I am sure it is a set any guy would love to have (actually any woman too!)

Michelle said...

hihi! i've tagged at a previous entry but there seemed to be no reply from you so wanted to try my luck again. (: just wanted to say that i found your blog last semester and has been constantly reading it for the beautiful pics and food stuff you've created. i wanted to create the caramel cheesecake the other day but couldnt find the caramel topping you mention in your recipe. u have any recommendations for a subsitute? or just omit it from the recipe? (: thanks for replying!

Anonymous said...

That's great! nipple and all! fabulous!

Sammy said...

Haha, nice cake!!! A n*ps make it look a little too X rated tho lol.

zafi said...

so nice!!!
nice to see and im scared to hold :P

Anonymous said...

Hey suyin, im realie amazed by all ur awesome creations. im sure your talent has inspired many others in attempting to create some food and cake recipes as well!(: if only i was in Sydney, I would've gone to find out who this talented gal is! (: continue to expand ur portfolio of wonderful creations. take care and GOD bless! (:

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of showing your boob cakes to my boyfriend and now he wants me to make one! Can I ask a couple of questions please - is it chocolate cake underneath? And what do you use to make the icing? The icing looks AWESOME. :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

deborah: THanks for your kind comments :) I would really like a real bra that looks like that :P Haha

chelle: I've answered thatpost recently.....must ahve missed it. I'll paste it here again for you :)
Sorry bout the late replies.

"chelle: hmm...I would suggest making your own caramel..but that could be extra work. Just omit if you like. *shurg* or..hmm...mayeb slice up some caramel/mars bars into thick cubes and throw them in with the nuts! Could be a whole new idea! LOL...Here's a link for making caramel if you aren't as adventurous with recipes as I am.

Make caramel suitable for pouring over cakes :)
Hope that helps~"

viv: ty ty..*blush*

yummie dummies: funny how you censored the word n*ps ahaha! certainly a little too corny/xrated for some.

zafi: meant to be eaten..not held ;) hehe

anonymous: wow...thanks! I'm defnitely working on making better cakes :) god bless you too!

katie: isn't too hard. the icing is made from sugarpate. Cause its black, I had to buy store bought paste. Black and red doesnt really work for homemade sugar paste. Here's a website link to help you out. It takes awhile to learn. but good luck!! :)

Anonymous said...'s s0 c0oL
especially aLl d design for the cake

Anonymous said...

Talented indeed. I'm very impressed.

Angela Oeiras said...

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