March 18, 2007

A wild boat ride~

*** "Fairly" obscene content
** Do not continue reading if uptight / have your 'panties in a knot' :P

I was invited to a big 21st Birthday bash on board the Pacific Pearl last Saturday. Big beautiful ship it was.... Judging from the layout and photographs on the invite I recieved; I could tell it would be one hell of a party~ *laughs* It had a picture of a very drunk birthday boy; lying completely trashed on the floor after a party. Our classmate "Jimmy-James" was the star of the night. It was certainly a memorable one. Happy Birthday you naughty little 'stud-muffin'!! It's been heaps of fun having you around classes the past 3 years.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your big bash! Great views of Sydney Harbour; fantastic free flowing alcohol, delicious finger food, a cosy fun crowd and many yummy looking boys on board *giggle* The choice of music wasn't exactly my cup of tea; but it got the crowd going absolutely INSANE~!! I kid you not...James looked like he was having a load of fun; I guess that's what's most important.

I took videos...will upload some of them for public entertainment! *laughs*

My classmates are going to have my head for posting this up!!....
*runs and hides*...............*evil grin*Haha

It took me a LONG while to come up with a cake design for James. I asked around for "suggestions" on what I should come up with. We know for a fact that he loves 2 things; beer and chicks. *shrug* It was either going to be a keg of beer or this...*laughs* I hope nobody thinks this is too obscene to be posted on my blog.
It didn't take me too long to shape these with the Wilton ball pan; but the small lingerie details were quite a handful. He loved it! My cake went on parade around the cruise ship. I was proud *grin*


Anonymous said...


Video: A case of white man can't dance :P the way...for a moment..I tot I was watching some gay vid hahahahahahahaha

Cake: Now that is really lovely..ever thought of submitting ur idea's to Victoria Secret? hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

Wow - really creative cake! And tastefully done too! Uhmm..was everything on the cake, inluding the lace and ribbons edible ;)


Anonymous said...

wow! that looks great! curious though .. how do you make the fondant/sugar paste that u use to make all those fabulous creations?

Anonymous said...

me loves you su yin! shame i missed the party xxxx

love laura

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

quavadis: dont think im quite there yet ;) haha...the gay video bit will haunt them for life :P

shue: Yeap~ :) I love making everything edible. Makes things more complicated. But every bit of effort makes a difference.

anonymous: The black and red paste was bough at a sugar store. It's hard to get right and dark colours like those with homemade sugarpaste/fondant.

laura: XOXO darling :)

Anonymous said...

He's hot and that's a sweet cake! LOL.