May 12, 2007

Jeremy: Thats "fresh~"!

Su: ...??, I just made it today.

Su's not much of a Hip Hopper.
I love the music..I love the dancers...but I not much of one myself! hehe..
I don't have much of a funky style or a sexy wardrobe of street wear like the other Hip-Hop orientated girls;... the dancing I do is limited to dark spaces and the confined boundaries of my bedroom...Hell~ I still think 'gangster' is a bad word *laughs*...however..
I apparently do know how to make 'fresh' cakes....wait, not fresh as in "fresh out of the oven" like us cooks say;...but I'm assuming; in b-boy language; 'fresh'= cool, good, nice, wow. Correct me if I'm wrong *grin*Happy Birthday Jeremy! I hope you like your little birthday gift from Jo and I. Nairi got the shoes; so you'll have to have the ballers cap! *laughs* I'll be running out of ideas for b-boy type birthday cakes soon! I might make wristbands...or hoodies or something else next time~ *shrug*

Here's the cake done with a round ball pan and carved into shape. I layered the butter cake inside into 3 separate layers with chocolate icing between each. I drizzled on some Irish cream for a tiny alcoholic touch in between layers as well. The cake was then covered in black sugarpaste and the little logo bits were made from thinly rolled out flowerpaste coloured with paintbrush strokes of food colouring gel. The small round logo on the bandana is of a hiphop brand the bboys love and the cap logo is of Jeremy's website OzBboy @ . He's celebrating his birthday at their practice spot @ Liverpool st tonight. I'm pretty tied up with uni work and a couple of cakes for next week...but I might pop-by to take some photos and cool dance videos for everyone.

I'll get back to work now... catch up with everyone tomorrow on whats happening.


Anonymous said...

I know you hear this a lot, but WOW you're good! I think your cakes are awesome. You have a real talent!

Anonymous said...

Afternote - I've been doing some research on fondant and I've heard it doesn't taste too good. What type do you use and what do you think of the taste? I've never eaten or used fondant before so I'm completely clueless. Sorry about all the questions!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

katie: so sorry for the late reply dear..I've been so caught up..hmm..
The fondant really doesnt taste like the best icing in the world...but with a good portion of you fvourite liqour brushed onto the cake can help. You can also flavour fondant by kneading essences like vanilla and coconut into the icing before colouring the fondant. Fondant does generally taste better with "mud" cakes..and after too dry on sponges and lighter really takes a bit of experimenting. Royal icing can be a different type if frosting you don't fancy fondant. It's just trickier to get smooth on akward surfaces. Hope that helps..good luck!

malaysian b-boy in tasmania:

hey hey...Haha...I recieved your comment...but as I was approving it, my internet connection decided to fail on me. *laughs* I hope you dont get too offended and think that I didn't like you...Thanks so much.I didn't get enough time to remember your name or you blog address..*slaps forehead* certainly very sorry...heee...*grin*...feel free to spam my blog again..:P